Where do I place my sync data base

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Where do I place my sync data base

Postposted TechnoDino » November 18th, 2015, 5:17 pm

I just had a PC go dead. This death raised my awareness around the topic of backups and syncs. I have always thought about backups but rarely do them (a common issue I assume), Now that AMN can sync, I am gathering thoughts on how best to manage my syncing and backup. My back ups are stored on a USB drive which I can carry around. Maybe this is the best place for my sync but I have had USB drives fail. I've got cloud storage options of all sorts. Maybe there? I even have an instance of OwnCloud available. Trouble with OwnCloud is that on disk data is not encrypted. GDrive is encrypted data but hoping to find another solution. Mega (Mega.nz) is ahead of the pack now but still wondering if there is a better solution

Any thoughts or comments welcome.

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Re: Where do I place my sync data base

Postposted vlad » November 20th, 2015, 12:07 pm

Per my experience USB media due to frequent unexpected removals is less reliable than regular hard drives.

What I'm doing from my end is doing automatic backups of critical data (notes, e-mails, source code) using scheduled archiving in to a encrypted .zip file on a hard drive location which is shared with my Dropbox cloud account. This way I can restore my data from the cloud in case of emergency, at the same time my data is not always synchronized to the cloud every second, and is encrypted. I see no need to store data on the cloud all the time, cause it's not secure at all.

Alternatively I suggest this idea - store all your critical data on virtual encrypted drive, such as CipherShed, and place encrypted drive on the cloud.
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