Features that can improve work flow

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Features that can improve work flow

Postposted Ken45140 » July 24th, 2019, 10:53 pm

I am fairly new to AMN, but already getting great utility out of it. About 60% to 70% of my use involves copying snippits or full articles on specific topics, and organizing them for future use and reference. Since I have been doing this so much, I have come to desire some slight improvements, not really appreciating how easy or hard they might be to code into the application.

Using Copy.to, I highlight what I want on a web page, press Ctrl-C and it gets copied, as a Note, to the folder I have selected prior to pressing Ctrl-C.

I was going to suggest that the blank box representing the title be able to be opened by mouse clicking on it instead of right clicking and selecting "Rename". I just tried it and lo and behold, that capability is already built in. Another improvement to my work flow.
Other steps I have to take:
1. highlighting some text, selecting Ctrl A, then selecting the font size from the drop down box. I would be nice if copied in text would somehow render in the default font size.
2. I usually have to open the Note title box and delete the automatically displayed first line of the note, which is the text of the link to the original article URL. As I NEVER want this as the note title, I delete the text there, and then add the date (Ctrl-D -- very convenient) and then the title of the article. I have learned that adding two blank lines to the start of a note keeps the program from copying in the URL text, but this does not work well with the Copy.To steps. Is it possible to have a setting in the AllMyNotes.ini file that could alter this behavior according to the user's wish?
3. Can there be a hot key to collapse all of the notes that might be open in a folder which has child folders? Rather than one at a time.

Those are my thoughts so far. vlad, thanks for such a great program.

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Re: Features that can improve work flow

Postposted JoyceRosenlof » August 11th, 2019, 7:54 pm

Look at Drag and Drop - Highlight what you want from the website, drag it to AMN

-Tim Rosenlof

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