Right-click print to AllMyNotes

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Right-click print to AllMyNotes

Postposted NewUser » July 12th, 2015, 6:40 am

Dear AllMyNotes-

I'm a new user and I really like your product.

I do not have a deep knowledge of computers or software, so please forgive my question if it is naive.

Would it be possible to integrate AllMyNotes into the right-click menu of windows so that when reading an article or website we could just "print" the item directly into AllMyNotes? Currently I'm printing to a pdf file and then saving that.

Again, please excuse the question if not possible or if in fact an alternative method already exists. As stated, I'm a new user, so perhaps I will learn the correct technique as I continue to use the product.

Thanks very much and I wish you continued success.

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