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Tips for using AllyMyNotes

Postposted Jiggers » September 2nd, 2019, 3:20 pm

I have found the following very useful:
For frequently used reminder lists like, To-Do, Appointments, etc, I add a 3 letter code to the list, like for T0-Do list I added TOD and for Appointments APT.
So when when I want add/edit a list, I just search for the 3 letter code and I have my list. I find it easy to remember the 3 letter code.

I use the following to assist in long term reminder lists, like Change furnace filters every 4 months. When the reminder shows up it may not be convenient to do it that day, so rather than modifying the 4 month reminder to some future date, I added a Daily reminder to the list and I am reminded every day till the task is done. When the task is done I just disable the daily reminder leaving the 4 month reminder unmodified. Now when a reminder comes up again and I am unable to do it that day, all I have to do is enable the daily reminder.
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