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Full Screen Presentation Mode

Postposted Greg89 » June 11th, 2015, 6:41 pm

Hi Vlad,

I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet (running Windows 8.1 Pro). I would like to be able to give a presentation, by presenting various notes in sequence as if they were "slides" (as in a Powerpoint Presentation). Connecting my computer to a big screen or a projector, I want to be able to go through various notes sequentially during my presentation and comment on them to the class. I would like to be able to tell AllMyNotes to go into "Full Screen" mode, such that the note fills the entire screen (and is projected onto the big screen on the wall). Also, if AllMyNotes had a way for me to simply hit a key (or hotkey) to advance to the next "slide" (or note) in the sequence, this would be fantastic. (Many of the current note-taking database applications allow this kind of "presentation mode" navigation: Evernote, Onenote, InfoSelect v. 9 (2007), etc.) Could this feature be added to AllMyNotes?

Also, using the touch screen, I would also like to be able to simply touch an embedded hyperlink within a note, and have AllMyNotes follow that link and jump directly to that other note. Similarly, I would like to be able to touch another control/icon that cause AllMyNotes to jump back to the original note, this would be wonderful for giving presentations or classes.

Thank you very much for a wonderful program!


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