New payment method: Bitcoins

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New payment method: Bitcoins

Postposted vlad » October 6th, 2016, 12:29 am

The future is NOW! :D

We are among the first who started to accept payments in crypto-currency. Effectively from Oct 5, 2016 we are accepting new Internet currency - Bitcoin. New payment option is available on AllMyNotes Organizer checkout page.

New currency allows anonymous payments (well, we still need e-mail to deliver license key to you, but you can use anonymous e-mail services). It's much more secure. And really fast.

The EU citizens can save on VAT, as we are handling this kind of purchases directly and we are under EU's VAT threshold. This is an additional 20% off on VAT, which is not included in the price, depends on country.

Also, we are encouraging usage of this new payment method by introducing an extra discount on top of any other discount you can get. Indeed, by handling Bitcoin payments ourself we are able to save huge fees on payment provider/bank services. Enjoy! :)
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