AMN ignores DPI scaling in Windows 10 - it is shown blurred

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AMN ignores DPI scaling in Windows 10 - it is shown blurred

Postposted Marcel » August 9th, 2018, 12:31 pm


I have a new Windows 10 notebook with the screen resolution 1920 x 1080. The Windows-view is scaled to 150%: ... he7ZKJgKMH

Unfortunately AMN 3.26 (and the versions before) are shown blurred with this configuration. Other programs (Word) are shown clear, only AMN has the problem of shown blurred.

Comparison between AMN an Word: ... QUscZT6yhK

There is a temporary workaround:
In windows-exporer I can open the properties from AllMyNotes.exe and there I can set "overwrite high dpi-scaling with 'system (extended)'". After setting this configuration AMN is shown very clear and everything is OK. ... eD9c41jeDy

But this workaround does NOT work when running AMN from a removable drive (usb-stick):
This workaround does only work when AMN ist on a NON-removable drive. If AMN is used on an usb-stick then this setting is lost as soon as you start AMN a second time and it is shown as blurred as before.

So currently there is no way to use the portable version of AMN with this configuration. But I have to use AMN on my usb-stick because I need my data everywhere.

Since only AMN is having this problem I please you to fix this.

Can you please answer me wheather you plan to fix this in the near future? I'm asking this becaue AMN is having this problem a long time now. Until now a was able to fix this with some workarounds but with the last hardware and last version of Windows 10 I have no more chance to make a workaround by myself, so I can only hope that AMN will soon adapt to the selected Windows view scaling as other programs do.

Otherwise I have to search for an other program for my notes/documents, but I don't want to switch because I like AMN very much because it's a great, flexible and rock solid program.

Thank you.
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Re: AMN ignores DPI scaling in Windows 10 - it is shown blur

Postposted vlad » August 15th, 2018, 8:04 am

Thank you for writing, we`ll look in to this issue.
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