Allmynotes and Outlook

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Allmynotes and Outlook

Postposted atisijoel » January 28th, 2019, 10:57 am

Hi from France,

I use AllMyNotes Organiser since a long time but maybe for only basic functionalities.

But, this morning, when i wanted to define hyperlinks between AllMyNotes and Outlook, i found either difficulties or limitations...can you help me ?

First, i thought that it was possible to have an hyperlink from AllMyNotes to a specific email in outlook and did not find the solution. So i installed "linker for windows" but it was not better. Is there a solution ?

But on the opposite, is it possible to have for example an event in outlook calendar which has a link to a specific AllMyNotes Organiser ?

Thak you every body

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Re: Allmynotes and Outlook

Postposted vlad » January 28th, 2019, 11:21 am

Hyperlinks are done basically for web.

From what I know, so far there is no protocol which defines hyperlink format between applications. If you know any other application which can do hyperlinks to Outlook please let me know, I'll take a look.

Regarding AllMyNotes... Currently there is no way to launch it with a hyperlink parameter to open specific note/folder. If you need it, we can brainstorm how to do it... once again, perhaps you have a good sample when two programs can link to each-other?
AllMyNotes Organizer usage example: a secure contact manager app, use alarms to be reminded about anniversaries, birthdays, important meetings, or, schedule calls!
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