AllMyNotes Organizer version 4.00 BETA is available!

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AllMyNotes Organizer version 4.00 BETA is available!

Postposted vlad » March 20th, 2019, 10:00 am

AllMyNotes Organizer version 4.00 BETA is released to public

Version 4.00 is the first public release of 4.xx BETA series. Version 4.xx will be 64/32 bit with automatic synchronization on board, both features are mostly finished and we hope release out of beta soon. New features will be added during beta testing and after final release (as we usually do).

Note 1: beta version accepts Deluxe license of all older versions.

Note 2: Everyone who will purchase version 3.xx Deluxe license since today will have an upgrade to version 4.xx for free. Thanks to our 12-month major protection policy.

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