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Cloud of ideas

Postposted PHP » October 30th, 2019, 11:42 am

Function in the toolbar to include the words selected by the user in any of the notes, in a note that acts as a cloud of ideas.


Assuming the user has a note that includes the words blog and crafts. To include these words in the cloud of ideas, the user marks the words with the tool of inclusion in the cloud of ideas and automatically generates a new note that acts as a Cloud of ideas.

In this note, the software can automatically create hyperlinks that link to the text of the note when the user clicks, and as an idea, each text included in this note is separated with indentations from random spaces, so that it has a disorganized aspect such as a cloud of ideas. If the idea from the idea cloud is already created, when the user marks other text, it is automatically included. Also remember that if the user unchecks each word, the idea cloud note should no longer be. And it would also have to include an option to remove all text marks in case the user no longer wants to have the underlined texts and the Cloud of ideas note created.
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