Use as file editor and ease of editing/synchronizing files

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Use as file editor and ease of editing/synchronizing files

Postposted PHP » October 30th, 2019, 11:58 am

I had a thought that maybe I might be interested in the option of adhering the contents of a certain folder to the software and that the files can be edited and create NEW FILES or folders (as in the browser).

For example:

Assuming that this option already exists and the user is setting up a website with Wordpress, then use the option I propose to import the Wordpress folder and subfolders. The software will create the folder and file architecture, as is, but WILL NOT KEEP THE CONTENT IN THE DATABASE, IT'S ONLY A LINK. In this way the user can edit a .php .html file or any other. And if you want to create a file or a new folder, just choose the folder where you want to create it and create the file by inserting at the end the extension with which you want to create it.

Automatic file update (It also facilitates synchronization and editing of files on the Mobile device):

If you want to optimize the previous function, when choosing the folder to import, you can add an option that says something like:

Keep changes synchronized with the database.

This function would be very useful to have an exact copy of each file and folder saving them in the database, and if the folder is in Dropbox, AMN would detect any modification and add it to the database or if a modification is made in the database is automatically synchronized with the file corresponding to the note.

This function would also be very useful to facilitate the display / editing of information on the mobile device when creating TXT files (using this functionality) in the Dropbox folder. In this way, the files would be kept updated between the database and the TXT files or any other file extension.

I am not sure if this functionality can be interesting but it is a thought :)
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