Inserting images not behaving as expected

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Inserting images not behaving as expected

Postposted app103 » December 30th, 2019, 7:00 pm

When inserting images from my hard drive, they initially look fine.

But then reopening the database later, the images all get replaced with this:

Screenshot - 12_30_2019 , 1_44_35 PM.png
Screenshot - 12_30_2019 , 1_44_35 PM.png (11.4 KiB) Viewed 19 times

However, when inserting images and pasting in a URL into the file open box (instead of local path), the image gets saved and inserted correctly, and stays the way it should, the next time I open the database.

This means that if I want the images to show in a note correctly, I first have to upload them all to somewhere on the internet, before adding them to notes.

I am running v3.32.
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Re: Inserting images not behaving as expected

Postposted vlad » January 13th, 2020, 11:30 am

This is because your image is very huge - it is 11 Mb in compressed state. Uncompressed it may be hundreds of megabytes. By this reson we've made an exception and do not display thumbnail previews for resources that may take too long to unpack and render.
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