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Wiki-like linking

Postposted Shawn » January 14th, 2012, 5:46 am

There is a program called TOMBOY notes that I am reluctant to stop using in favour of ALLMYNOTES (as much as I like this program). It has a great feature common in some WIKI programs. It automatically links titles in my collection of notes to the words as I type the notes.

For example if I have a note titled ANATOMY stored under SCHOOLWORK and I am off typing a note somewhere else, if I type the word "anatomy" it creates an instant link from that word to the note in my SCHOOL WORK folder. Really great feature. In ALLMYNOTES I can do it, but it takes time because I have to manually search for the note to link it to.

Would love it if AllMyNotes took up that task...
Shawn :)

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