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by Thorrun » July 16th, 2016, 2:22 am

Thank you, I have attempted to reply in the last two days but it has not appeared. The problem of lost data is definitely PC specific and I now attempt to discover why.


by Thorrun » July 14th, 2016, 11:47 am

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I have only just returned to the site to read them, too late to prevent another data loss - of all data. The only backups I can find go back four months including those on daily incremental backups to an external drive, and those dates are the latest showing up. I can only agree that it is something specific to my PC. I am really at a loss to know what step to take next, perhaps a complete new start following your advice above. AMNO is perfect for home teaching on a laptop connected to a wide screen TV. I can create each session on a separate page within a monthly folder.
I use AMNO on my PC to save and print teaching material, which is where a reprint required today is now unavailable. All was loading without problems yesterday and the only thing I can associate with today's failure being that I disabled permanently the password I have used since installation, but I would not have expected it to cause the problem.
Backups are directed to D drive in a folder within My Documents which is in turn backed up incrementally as stated above. I am now considering redirecting backups to a folder in the cloud?.
Another thought is to install on a moveable drive with the backup folder for use on both computers.


by vlad » June 22nd, 2016, 7:05 am

Counting that: (1) this is the first time I hear about this kind of issue, (2) we have thousands of users using AllMyNotes daily, and (3) we have unique highly failure-resistant database engine (read details here - ... age-format), and, finally, data file can be locked most likely by third-party applications, I can presume that it's something specific to your PC.

Either way, let's try to cover all possible scenarios - hardware and software failures. So I recommend to do following:
1. Try to create brand new database file using menu item File -> New, and move all your data inside by copy-pasting root folder of your old data file. This will ensure that your data file structure is correct and not damaged by any sort of software/hardware failure that could happen in the past.
2. Move your data file to different physical drive, if only possible, using File -> Save As... menu item. This will save you from drive-specific failures.
3. Re-configure backup options in AllMyNotes, go to Tools -> Options -> Tools -> Backup -> make sure that it's configured to make automatic backups, check backup interval to be reasonable and also I'd recommend to keep backups (see auto-delete older backups option) for more that two weeks. This will give youbig amount of backup files stored in backup location to choose from in case of future problems.
Today I can only access data from a date one month back
I'm confused, are you using automatic backups and all recent backups are "locked" so that you have to go so far in the past?

In case of further problems please send over to me file named allmynotes.log, hopefully it will contain exact reason of the issue.


by Thorrun » June 16th, 2016, 11:14 am

Hi Vladonai,
I really like AMNO there is no alternative! BUT, I do have problems with lost? data. From time to time I get a warning when trying to open that the data is unavailable or locked. Today I can only access data from a date one month back! The last is not presented, including downloaded photo's I can no longer access. I want to store personal information but fear it will be lost. My question is the problem associated with AMNO?, my ageing computer?, or an ageing operator?
No other software that I can find will give me the flexibility and ease of use but security and capture of data is very important. Why locked or unavailable?