Problem in communicating problems

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Re: Problem in communicating problems

by vlad » May 3rd, 2020, 12:10 pm

Regarding desktop changing keyboard shortcut issue, please see this forum thread, we've just released a fix for it - troubleshooting-f8/switching-multiple-d ... t1391.html

Re: Problem in communicating problems

by vlad » April 29th, 2020, 6:07 pm

I'm sorry for your experience. Possible it's an issue with our spam email filter - due to high spam rate (even on support form), it may function incorrectly, we'll double-check...

I'm unable to reproduce the issue with bullets. Could you please make a screenshot of incorrectly formatted bullet list, and email to Image

Regarding keyboard shortcuts, indeed, I can reproduce it, we'll fix it.

Problem in communicating problems

by David » April 28th, 2020, 2:26 pm

I've used your web page email form to pass my message three times in the last six months with no response except for initial acknowledgements of receipt from your webot. I then tried by standard email from on the 6th April 2020, again the bot acknowledged receipt but I've had no other response. I then tried to register with the forum only to be told my (legitimate) ISP is blacklisted??? Tried again to register for the forum from a VPN address today to find that registrations are not working, but the forum is open to any posts. Trying again, here goes:

I am a registered user of AllMyNotes Deluxe Edition, currently running Ver.3.33. (Purser)

I have two problems with AllMyNotes in Windows 10:

1. Bullet points. Hightlight a row of text, hit bullet point icon. Bullet seems to position some place after the first character instead of (logically) at the start of the line? Only became aware of this in Ver. 3.33, don't know if applicable to older versions, or just a 'feature'?

2. The following key presses: Ctrl+Windows key+(Right & Left Arrow keys), are the fixed Windows 10 method of changing between different desktops. The problem is, that AllMyNotes also responds to these keypresses to position its own window on the screen left, Centre, and right in sequence. If you have AllMyNotes open on one desktop and switch desktops to some other program (which I do often), and then back to AllMyNotes: AllMyNotes flips across the screen every time you return to it! Very, Very, Annoying when reading lists or tables! Be useful if you could block this key combination in AllMyNotes, or alternatively, give an option to switch it off?