Images crashing and resetting notes?

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Re: Images crashing and resetting notes?

by vlad » December 20th, 2021, 9:47 pm

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. AllMyNotes has no limit on overall data storage size we always recommend to keep every individual Note under 100Mb size limit. Why? You've added 200+ images. If it's photos, in, say, .jpeg format, each will have ~3-5Mb in size. It's compressed size! Now, let's compute how much memory is needed to uncompress these images - 200 images X 5 Mb X 10 compression ratio = 10Gb!!!! Do you have 10Gb of free RAM in your system? 32-bit version of Windows can handle only 2Gb of RAM per application, so, likely you had not photos but something smaller. Either way, imagine what will happen when Windows will not be able to allocate RAM? Right, it will make whole process unstable, will scratch swap disk to allocate virtual RAM (which is very slow), not allowing it work with RAM properly, it result in great lags, and, finally the program may crash. We have little influence on this process, Windows kills programs that require too much resources without special warning.

Cases like yours are very rare for average users, we did our best to make RAM allocations are safe as possible, but indeed, it's not recommended for AllMyNotes to be used as storage for big number of phots and HUGE files in individual Notes. Sometimes users are even trying to attach DVD/BlueRay images to individual notes. Sometimes it may work, but this is a very bad idea. Note content is loaded in RAM when you open it, so keep in mind, for huge files we recommend to use Hyperlinks to local files (AllMyNotes supports this kind of links, see menu item Edit -> Insert -> Hyperlink.

Now, what can we do in your particular case, to recover your data? If you have no copy of disappeared images we may try to investigate your data file and try to extract images from damaged notes. If you are interested please send your .ddb data file to our support email and we'll do our best (if only possible) to recover your data free of charge.

Images crashing and resetting notes?

by Mef » December 20th, 2021, 8:06 pm

I've begun using AllMyNotes to archive various things, and these things sometimes include images. If I include more than a dozen or two images in a note it makes the software lag when that particular note is being accessed, and it lags longer and longer the more images I add. Today, I added a total of 204 images to a note and the whole thing reset to default settings. All of the images are gone and all of the text is now universally set to a different font and size than I originally used.

I doubt it'll be possible for me to somehow get all of these images back or to reset the text to how I had it, but I thought I'd at least let it be known that the software doesn't really work with images and may fully crash and reset when a certain number are added. I'm unaware if this will affect all notes at some point in the future.