AllMyNotes always on top despite unticked

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AllMyNotes always on top despite unticked

Postposted Per » February 8th, 2017, 6:07 pm

When creating a hyperlink to a file on my harddisk, and with "AllMyNotes always on top" unticked in options, the dialog box test of the link works fine, where my image, pdf and djvu viewers pops up on top of AllMyNotes displaying the linked files.
However, when i subsequently with Ctrl + leftclick call the linked files the viewers pop up BEHIND AllMyNotes and I have to minimize AllMyNotes to display the files.
I have the AllMyNotes installed on two computers where on no. 1 all called viewers will show up behind AllMyNotes, on the second 2 of 3 viewers will run behind AllMyNotes.
I have checked options in the viewers and ticked "allways on top" when this option was available, butto no avail.When I call the same viewers via thumbs in XYplorer there are no problems.
Just wanted to report this probable bug, otherwise very satisfied.

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