Hyperlink formatting

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Hyperlink formatting

Post by Taccy »

Having come back to AMNO from a long time away (Mac) I am keen to get my note taking solution sorted.
I am pleased with the changes that have been made, but feel frustrated about one non-standard/missing feature - that is the default hyperlink format.
I have a lot of notes with multiple hyperlinks (created, copied from web, or copied from emails) and the links are easily lost in the text because of the default format. I know that I can apply formatting with the format but that is much too time consuming for multiple links, and some are often missed if embedded in a lot of text.
I would really appreciate the default hyperlink to be defineable under preferences - preferebly with the ability to have different default formats for Web links, links to files, and internal links to other notes. This would also mean that an Html export could automatically look the same as the note - which it does not do at the moment.
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Re: Hyperlink formatting

Post by vlad »

Thank you for sharing your experience, we'll think about it...

By the way, currently hyperlink color can be edited in skin/theme configuration file (defined in file SkinInfo.ini), see HyperlinkTextColor config line, there you can define your own color.
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