Shortcuts to places within AllMyNotes

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Shortcuts to places within AllMyNotes

Post by BrentKelly »

I have a few notes that I need to get to quickly (more quickly than locating them within the tree). One such note is the one that contains my passwords. I know that I could create a note that contains shortcuts to anywhere in AllMyNotes, and that I could place that note at the top of the tree, but it would be faster to use a built-in method. A couple of ideas I have for the built-in method are: having a drop-down list of shortcuts on the menu, or having a Go-To entry within the menu that pops up when right-click is pressed anywhere within AllMyNotes.
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Re: Shortcuts to places within AllMyNotes

Post by vlad »

Thank you for feature suggestion, it looks important indeed, we'll file it for implementation.
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