Multiple Linked AMN Instances

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Multiple Linked AMN Instances

Post by CraigL »

I'm an old InfoSelect user, too, and don't like the newer versions. I really like AMN -- enough to buy the Deluxe Version. I like the linking to other notes, and did a forum search as to linking to other AMN database files. I don't think I found this topic, but if I missed it, someone can point me there.

I use a Daily Diary of notes, thoughts, and ideas. I'd like to link 1 note in this diary to a separate, detailed AMN database dedicated to that single idea. For example: I have an idea for a cookbook with many recipes. I want "jot down" an idea for a recipe in 1 Daily Diary note, "Recipe Ideas." I want then to create "Great Cookbook" as a separate AMN database file. I'd like to hyperlink my new idea in Diary to a new note in Cookbook.

1. At the moment, it opens a new instance and new window of the Cookbook database. But a) I have to switch back and forth, and b) I have no "view" click-list of what databases are open.

2. Why not make the AMN "space" a workspace, like Excel? The notes would be analogous to Excel tabs, while the various open databases would be available from a click-list under the "View" menu option in the master space.

3. I'd like to have my Diary open, jot an idea, create a link to Cookbook, create/open Cookbook and create a new note with the new idea. Then I'd like to be able to click the 1 idea in Diary, and open Cookbook in the workspace, and transfer the focus to that new note.

Since All My Notes is using many typical Web page concepts, why not include the same linking functionality, but within the application itself -- like using AMN to build a local "site?" It seems like it's almost doing that now. :) Almost.

This would allow the Diary database to act as an idea planner. A single note could be like a Table of Contents, but I wouldn't have to store an entire book within my daily thoughts database (which has to-do lists, research ideas, contacts, etc.)

As an author, I'd like to have in Diary, a "folder" for Book Ideas. One note could be "Cookbook." But another note could be "Great Novel." Another note - all in Diary - could be "Short Story." The notes in "Diary" would be a gist of a plot, a list of recipes, or whatever outline of content. But I could have a dedicated, separate AMN database to write all the details for a particular idea.
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Re: Multiple Linked AMN Instances

Post by vlad »

It's pretty easy to create a link to another .ddb data file. In text editor use menu item Edit -> Insert -> Hyperlink, and in appeared window click on "Hyperlink to File", select .ddb data file you wan to open and that's it, you are done.

Clicking on that hyperlink will result in opening another instance of AllMyNotes, this way you can have multiple instances of AllMyNotes open simultaneously, each for different data file.
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