SUM Function in Tables?

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SUM Function in Tables?

Post by CraigL »

I recently bought the application, and have been playing around. I created a table in a note, and that worked fine (minus an issue I wrote in a site email). My intention was to do a "shopping list," with items in the left column, and their prices in the right column.

I knew there was some calculation possible (from reading the manual), but hadn't realized the calculations are within a line of text - linear. That's pretty cool in itself, for a basic PIM! However, when I looked at the available Functions (amazing there are ANY Functions!), I saw there's no "SUM" basic Function. In a line of text, using the plus, minus, divide, multiply and equal works nicely. But.....

It seems logical that if I have a column of numbers in numerous, contiguous rows of a Table, I should be able to select that column and right-click for "SUM." Right? Putting a minus sign in front of a line item number in one row would cover "subtraction." This isn't a Spreadsheet program, so there's no need for multiplying, but I suppose putting an "*" by a cell number could be included during the "SUM" function. I have a simple "tape" calculator I use (CCCalc, by ExcelsiorUSA), which doesn't use Functions, but it can tabulate running totals directly below each "=" sign. Something simple, just to add up whatever's in my shopping list?
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Re: SUM Function in Tables?

Post by vlad »

Thank you for feature request, we'll consider it.
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