Thank you from a new user ...

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Thank you from a new user ...

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Hi, both of you.

So, I have dropped my "Maple Professional" organizer from Crystal Office - even if I just did an upgrade recently to Crystal Office. Unfortunately I found AllMyNotes, and found it much better than Maple Professional.

I who say so have as well worked as a software reviewer before, and yes - I'm impressed with AllMyNotes Organizer. That is to such an level that after just a day testing of AMN, I purchased it to our 15 years daughter for her to use as a great school tool (and for personal use as well of course).

That said, just two points:

For AMNs upgrade policy, this is a bit mix - imho (-:

The statement "your license key is lifetime" actually goes without saying, as no software stop to work for the version one has purchased. The "12-month major upgrade warranty" is on the other side a good statement (and policy).

For an upgrade price at 40-60%, I would strongly suggest 40% (remember, here volume of users are better compared to 20% more from each). That suggested, I would turn aroun the statement from "upgrade price" to "upgrade discount", as example:
"For a major DeLuxe upgrade, we give all our existing DeLuxe users an 60% discount on the price of the new major version".

It's great that you can export to RichText, HTML, and simple text - still I wish an option here. That would be to open a text-window (using AllMyNotes own 'note window' without the tree-folder structure on the side and the main AMN-toolbar). The reason for this is that when one work with a text, and work with several browser windows as sources for the text you are writing - then it's essential to have a writer window that is as small as possible. Today I still have to use my TextPad for this - but yes, I would prefer to use the stripped down note window in AllMyNotes (-:

Once again, thank you for a great software

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Re: Thank you from a new user ...

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Thank for sharing anyone
Nice question
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