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AllMyNotes and Linux

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If you use Linux and haven't tried using AllMyNotes on Linux, please note that AllMyNotes works absolutely flawless under WINE.

Now, if you are Dual Boot person booting between Windows and a Linux Distro, you can still use AllMyNotes between both operating system, using the same database file for both. You simply need to select the database file in the windows directories from within the AllMyNotes you have installed under WINE in Linux. But! for this to work flawlessly, you need to insure that your Linux distro can auto mount the windows drive, otherwise you will have to manually mount the windows drive prior to opening AllMyNotes under WINE in Linux.

I use Xubuntu and it auto mounts my windows drive for me, just about every ubuntu based distro does as well. If the distro you use does not auto mount, check the man pages for mounting and see if there's an auto mount feature. If not, you might have to dive into bash and setup a script to auto mount on bootup. If all else fails, visit the forums for the distro you use and ask for help on auto mounting the windows drive.

If you are now tempted to setup a dual boot because I mentioned it here, do not do it! Or, test it out on another computer you don't mind trashing in case something goes wrong. Or at least backup anything and everything you do not want to lose! If you do this and do not heed my warning, do not give me any lip for losing all your precious photos, thesis or programming codes, you were warned!
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