Palm Agendus!

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Palm Agendus!

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I have just spotted that you guys developed Agendus on the Palm. Wow, that was probably the software I used more than any other on my Handspring Visor and Palm Tungsten T. What a blast from the past!

If your current software is as good as Agendus was, I'm sold. :D

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Re: Palm Agendus!

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leaston guys developed Agendus on the Palm...
Yep. Me and Nadiia where working for iambic for many years (me - since 2001, and Nadiia, as I remember, since 2005), and we where working not only on Agendus for Palm, but also for Windows and Windows Mobile, as well as on number of other software titles for iambic, Inc. Once iambic, Inc was acquired by Splash Data (back in 2009), we've started our own business - Vladonai Software, and until now we are developing AllMyNotes Organizer, our major and yet the only product, we love doing it, this project is done with love and great care :)
AllMyNotes Organizer usage example: a genealogy tree keeper, use alarms to remember about anniversaries and birthdays
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