How Big Is Your Database?

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How Big Is Your Database?

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I am curious. What are some of the largest databases in use for AMN users. The properties link on my total database says:
425 MB, 1239 Notes in 350 folders. I suspect I am among the smaller databases in use. I keep all of my data in one database rather than breaking the information up among several databases. From important file data (license plate, car registrations, credit card info, etc.) to medical records, medical research, company stock analysis and information, recipes and receipts ---- everything. Yet I am still on the way to making my record keeping even more complete.

I copy (using many articles (especially stock analysis and medical research) and images in the original articles come in fine and trouble free. In reviewing the copied article, I will delete some of the images that are not relevant, but will enlarge images (like a stock graph or table) by dragging the bounding corners of the image. I assume that an enlarged image still contains the same number of bytes and does not increase the size of the database, and in turn, deleting irrelevant images decreases the size of the resulting database. Is this true? (vlad??)

What size is your database?

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Re: How Big Is Your Database?

Post by vlad »

There is no limit on database size. And overall DB size has no effect on program startup performance :)

We can only recommend to keep individual notes in reasonable size. Let's say if a note is under 100Mb size it's pretty good. Larger then that may affect slowdown when opening these notes.

Major thing which eats disk space is big file attachments. Images are Ok, these are compressed (we using lossless PNG compression), but file attachment can be very big, therefore we recommend to create hyperlinks to files on a disks rather than inserting them in to the database.
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