"Adding" PDF Files to AMN

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"Adding" PDF Files to AMN

Post by TechnoDino »

I have many PDF files I would like to "add" to AMN. Import does not offer PDF as an importable format. How can I add the PDF files to AMN?
One thought, put all the PDFs in one folder and link to each one??

Open to other suggestions.

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Re: "Adding" PDF Files to AMN

Post by vlad »

There is really many third-party converters from PDF to HTML out there. Including online converters. Once you'll have your PDFs converted to HTML you can import them in to AllMyNotes.

You can also create hyperlinks to files, or, attach them as file attachments. But to me the best idea would be import from HTML, this way you'll be able to edit these documents and and search within them all.
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