Merge or Sync - How to do it?

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Merge or Sync - How to do it?

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Hi there,
this is the second post, because till now I can´t see my first post in forum nor did I get an answer.
Here again my Questions:
I have AllMyNotes Deluxe 3.48 on 2 desktops and 1 laptop. How is it possible to merge or sync all 3 ddb's without losing data? Whats the best way to do this? Are you still working on the sync feature and when will it be ready? Unfortunately, I was not able to synchronize with the beta versions without losing data. Is that possible with the deluxe version or currently only with beta? I would like to have all data on all PCs.
Kind regards
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Re: Merge or Sync - How to do it?

Post by vlad »

The guidelines how to synchronize data is outlined here. in your case I'd recommend tot ry synchronization from version 4.xx (beta), it's automatic.

P.S. Sorry for no answer on your previous post - possibly message was mistakenly flagged as spam.
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