How can old allMyNotes.documents be recovered

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How can old allMyNotes.documents be recovered

Post by Hasan »

Hi Team,

I have old file allMyNotes.documents and application is not able to load the file.
It says An error occurred reading file content, File is missing or exclusively locked.
Unfortunately the backup file was overridden for me and I lost it.

How to restore the notes from original notes file "allMyNotes.documents" into application.
Else how to convert it into documents like MSWord .

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Re: How can old allMyNotes.documents be recovered

Post by vlad »

First of all, file name "allMyNotes.documents" doesn't looks like our document. Our data files have extension .ddb, so it would look like AllMyNotes.ddb. Perhaps it is the case but you cannot see real file extension?..

Either way, error message "File is missing or exclusively locked" means that AllMyNotes cannot gain an access to the file. Why is it happening?..
1. Sometimes it happens when there is another instance of the program (possible hanged, as it doesn't responds) accessing this file. To fix it simply restart your Windows.
2. You are not authorized to access this file. Just google for "how to gain access to file and take ownership" you'll find many guidelines how to unlock it.
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