Arrange desktop windows

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Arrange desktop windows

Post by kwisk »

Hi Support, my AllMyNotes does work with Windows 10 "show windows stacked", "show windows side by side" or "cascade windows". I find that it just stays the same size whilst other windows (notepad, MS Word, Chrome browser) happily resize / re arrange.

I have looked at the settings for allmynotes and the setting "Keep AllMyNotes on top of other windows" is un ticked. There does not seem to be any other setting that would explain its behaviour.

Is there an ini file i can delete to reset it back to defaults ?

I am running V3.50
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Re: Arrange desktop windows

Post by vlad »

The easies way to reset settings to defaults states is:
1. Exit from AllMyNotes
2. Locate and delete file(s) named allmynotes.ini and allmynotes.cnfg (depending on program versions some of these files may be missing, recent version settings is saved in file with .cnfg extension only).
3. Launch AllMyNotes.
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