How to create Horizonatal Line?

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How to create Horizonatal Line?

Post by vlad »

To insert a horizontal line in to the text simply create text line with three or more '-' characters, like this:

By the way, you can change color of horizontal line by changing text color of first '-' char.
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Re: How to create Horizonatal Line?

Post by Vicparker »

Hi Vlad,
I noticed some of the nice features might not be easily found by new users.
One great feature that I had a little trouble finding was the Horizontal Divider line.
Aug 13, 2010 - Version 2.16 Beta
• New feature in Rich Text control: Horizontal Line. To insert Horizontal line it's enough to create text line with three or more dash characters (like this: ---). Also it's possible to assign color for line and background, other software doesn't allows that.
• (You have to move off of the line where the three dashes are for the line to form.)
• I think it would be nice to be able to put a label on that line, like A-Z or a number.
• Not able to find anything in the help file on this.
• Any idea when the help file will cover new features?

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