New Ver. 3.34 everything too small.

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New Ver. 3.34 everything too small.

Post by Vicparker »

I just installed ver. 3.34 and most everything on screen is very small.
Ver. 3.33 worked OK. and all other programs work as they should.
I use a Samsung 28" 4K U28E570D monitor.

Going back to Ver. 3.33 all is Ok again.
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Re: New Ver. 3.34 everything too small.

Post by vlad »

We've slightly changed high DPI monitors support.

If you want AllMyNotes version 3.34 to look as version 3.33 you can create shortcut to the program on your desktop, right click on it -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> and play with settings there.

Another solution would be in increasing font sizes for UI elements - buttons, menus, etc. You can use these guidelines to tweak your skin configuration.
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