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Create New Note Question

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I have submitted two emails to support asking this question and haven't got a response, so I will give this route a shot. After looking through the documentation, I did see any explanation or if I'm doing something incorrectly. If create a new folder under "My Data" called Dennis. Then move the cursor to that folder and right-click and select The Create New Note item - it doesn't create the note under the folder "Dennis" it creates the note at the same level as the folder "Dennis". I can move the note under folder Dennis. However, if I manually move the note to the folder, then place the cursor on the folder and right-click and create a new note, it will then place the new note under the folder. Is this the expected behavior.

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Re: Create New Note Question

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To create new note as a child of currently selected folder just make sure it's expanded.

P.S. Please sorry if it took too long to respond, but I can see only one email from you, which was sent on last Friday and was not answered same day due to big amount of other emails we had to respond, and, during the weekend (usually over weekends we respond only on urgent/emergency questions).
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