Combining two files

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Combining two files

Post by Alexv »

I have two pc and two different files (for work and for hobbies).
I need merge work and hobbies into 1 file to use it on two different pc (using version 3, no using net sync)
so i can backup only on file and use it on two PC shared on dropbox.

The trouble is how merge those two files? Cut and paste is impossible, i cannnot open two different files at the same time.
Maybe export 1 file to rtf and reimport from rtf on the other file?
Why there's not an import from .ddb files?
Thank you.
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Re: Combining two files

Post by vlad »

Actually you CAN open two files simultaneously :) Just double-click on these .ddb files in Explorer, this way you'll have two instances of AllMyNotes running simultaneously, so you can conveniently copy/pate or drag&drop :)
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