Question About FONTS in Next _MAJOR_ Update

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Question About FONTS in Next _MAJOR_ Update

Postposted Chuck » April 9th, 2019, 12:04 am

Hello!! LOVE AllMyNotes (& as you might have noticed, I have posted a major online Review of AllMyNotes --which I really need to update Further).

Over the past several _MINOR_ updates, the VERY FIRST thing I do AFTER Upgrading is to EDIT _ALL_ of the FONTS in File:: SkinInfo.ini —for my VERY FAVORITE Skin, the OUTSTANDING ""Night Vision Glow"".
In Other Words: After EVERY Update, in SkinInfo.ini, I ALWAYS CHANGE:: • FontNormalName & Size; • FontMenuName & Size; • FontEditName & Size; • FontWndTitleName & Size; • FontHintName & Size — —
Because, for me, these FONT CHANGEs make a HUGE difference in the Readability & Usability of the AllMyNotes Interface!!

SO, my question is a simple one:: When the Next __MAJOR__ Upgrade is released { Version FOUR }, will AllMyNotes CONTINUE to offer the user the IMPORTANT ability to EDIT the interface FONTS ??

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Re: Question About FONTS in Next _MAJOR_ Update

Postposted vlad » April 9th, 2019, 7:47 am

Version 4.xx will be exactly same as before, you can even copy your SkinInfo.ini file from version 3.29 to 4.00.
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