Import audios/embeded audios (Including WhatsApp audios)

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Import audios/embeded audios (Including WhatsApp audios)

Postposted PHP » October 30th, 2019, 11:05 am

Hi Vlad,

I have some thoughts that I will post :)

This thought arises from some audio recordings that I have and that I thought. Why not organize them in AMN?

It would be very useful if the software allows you to import audios or embeded audios and that it can be played in the same software by incorporating a small player with a Play/Stop button and a small audio progress bar. This would also be very useful in the case of journalists and it would be very good to take note of the most important of the audio in the same note or to add some observation about the audio.

In addition to being compatible with standard format audios (wav, mp3, ..) you can add a compatibility with WhatsApp audios. This would be very useful if you save it as a souvenir or classify it, use it as an idea, summarize it, add text details, etc. All on the same note!

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