Include @mention in the notes (several ideas)

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Include @mention in the notes (several ideas)

Postposted PHP » November 5th, 2019, 2:31 am

Hi Vlad,

    1 - Today I come to propose a new function to add to the software. This is the already known @mention. But in this case, the functionality of this mention is to facilitate the link to an existing note (below the post I had other thoughts).

    As for the notes, when the user inserts the @ and inserts the first letter of the note, the software automatically searches for the notes that begin with that letter and suggests them to the user in a drop-down dialog box (in case there are multiple matches that allows to slide to choose the correct one).

    In this way, it would be very easy to link a text from the file to a note.

    Export and Import the note to another extension:

    When this file is exported to another extension, instead of exporting the @ with the name of the note, the software exports the @ and the unique id of the note. This is in case the note changes the title.

    When a file containing the @ in the text is imported, the software would detect the unique id and replace the text (id) with the current title of the existing note.


    Export file: @id_nota

    Import file: Software detects @id_note, searches for the note corresponding to the id and replaces it with the title of the note.

    2 - This functionality can also be used to facilitate the creation of indexes or the link to texts found in a specific section of the same note, instead of having to open the hyperlinks dialog box to do this.

    3 - This functionality can be added to facilitate the creation of reminders in a note. For example:

    @12/11/2019 12:30-15:20 title_of_note

    then, on 12/11/2019 title_of_note will be programmed and the reminder will be with the range of hours between 12:30-15:20. If only one specific time is wanted, only one time is left. It may also be that if title_of_note to be programmed is not added and only the first part is left @12/11/2019 12:30-15:20, then it means that the current note is programmed.

Would you agree with the inclusion of this functionality in the software?

Which of the 3 would like to be assigned to the mention?
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