Find Next and Option to Remove Auto-Formatting

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Find Next and Option to Remove Auto-Formatting

Post by HappyCustomer1 »

Hey there!

New customer, and a very happy one, at that (Purchased 2 Deluxe licenses). This software has fulfilled a very specific want that I didn't know I was looking for, and I've been recommending AllMyNotes like crazy since finding it, and started using the free version at work (Portable).

There are 3 features that I would LOVE to see implemented at some point, they are:

1. Folder Descriptions.
The ability to type text that would be visible on the right pane to describe folder contents, or add a note, etc. would be SUPER useful, personally. The listed notes that are generally visible when clicking on a folder could possible be seen below a separator with the typed folder notes shown above?

2. "Find Next" Functionality in Search
Often times, a searchable word appears multiple times in a note, or globally throughout your notes. I noticed that searching will only search for one instance at a time of the word you're looking for. The ability to "Highlight All" or "Find Next", which would cycle from one instance of the search term to the next, would be very useful functionality, personally.

3. Remove Auto-Formatting
It would be GREAT to have an option to remove formatting from pasted items, or to have them adapt to configured AllMyNotes formatting. Often times, if I paste text from a website that's big and blue, for example, I would like to paste it into AllMyNotes as standard text. Currently, I would paste it in AllMyNotes, and it would preserve the formatting, so it would be big and blue, and I would have to manually edit the text to get it to the proper format.

Those are a few suggestions!

This software is wonderful, please keep up the great work!

Thank you :) !
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Re: Find Next and Option to Remove Auto-Formatting

Post by vlad »

Hello William,

Thank you! It's really encouraging to read your feedback :)

1. We'll consider your suggestion.

2. Try keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V to paste text in AllMyNotes without formatting.

3.Use keyboard shortcut F3 to find next (and Shift+F3 to search backward). I like your idea to highlight all, I'll file it as a feature request.
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Re: Find Next and Option to Remove Auto-Formatting

Post by HappyCustomer1 »

Thank you for considering the suggestions, and rapidly implementing one of them already!

After spending some more time with the software, I have some additional small suggestions. These are NOT major, and I still love the software, and am always finding out new keyboard short cuts for things!

1. Having the option to globally disable phone, website, and email link formatting would be amazing. I have, on several occasions, accidentally opened the Dialer or Windows Email (Neither of which I'm using, currently) when double-clicking on text to highlight it. I'm aware there's a keyboard short-cut to "de-linkify" text, but having the option to simply disable it for all your notes might be nice :).

2. This is relating to removing formatting while pasting. I was not aware of CTRL+ALT+V, this is great functionality! It would be great if we could enable this globally, as well, or invert the functionality so that if one were to paste pre-formatted from another source text, they could do so with CTRL+ALT+V, and by default it wouldn't format the text.

Either way, this software is great, and it seems whenever I bump into a function I would like, it's already there with keyboard shortcuts, which is amazing!

Thank you for all the hard work!
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