Indent notes in outliner

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Indent notes in outliner

Post by Tiggy626 »

I am not seeing a way to indent notes within the outliner.

For example:

------ Note 1
------ Note 2
--------------Indented Note
--------------Indented note 2
---------------------Double indented note

(Ignore the dashes - Spaces/tabs don't work)

Is this possible?

Thanks, Tiggy626
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Re: Indent notes in outliner

Post by vlad »

If selected folder is expanded, new/pasted note/folder will be created as child of it.

Use drag&drop to change indentation and/or tree position of exiting notes and folders.

Note: in AllMyNotes notes cannot be parents for other notes, need to create folders to place sub-notes. This is the same concept as in Windows file system there is folders and files.
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