Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

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Re: Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

Post by LAH »

So have I and I could not agree more! I am stuck in Info Select hell as I also have years of notes in older versions and am very distressed that they can not be imported to All My Notes. I would gladly pay someone who could do that for me. At 75, I no doubt will not live long enough to get it done myself! Truthfully, I wish I had never started using Info Select as it has come back to haunt me a hundredfold. I am also in a very difficult situation with not being able to upgrade to the latest Window software, i.e., Windows 10 (for security reasons). I use a DOS-based program "Managing Your Money" and cannot go past Window 7 since there is no native DOS function in Windows 10. I have heard about DOS BOX, but tried to use it on another computer and it doesn't work for me. I would appreciate any assistance that anyone could offer!!
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Re: Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

Post by vlad »

We are currently working on much better import from IS. Since recently Info Select is able to export data to RTF format, which is great as it supports formatting. And now AllMyNotes is able to import RTF data exported from IS and automatically split it to separate notes.

New importing feature is available effectively from AllMyNotes version 3.29, it will be released soon. In an meantime you can get a preview version here: ... a_b910.exe

With it you should be able to export your IS data. The only issue I can see is that you nee the latest IS version... Perhaps you could use someone's else PC to install trial version of IS there and export your data to RTF format using it.
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Re: Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

Post by LAH »

I appreciate the update, Vlad! This is wonderful news!! I am not sure how it will work with literally Thousands! of notes, but I will indeed be anxious to try. I currently run two versions of IS, the first is quite old with the extension of .wd (version 1.0) and the second one has the extension of .wd2 (version 5.00.14), I trust this will not preclude me from creating .rtf files for the import. It may require several steps, but in the end hopefully, it will be worth it. I may need a bit of assistance in accomplishing the task, but I trust the instructions will be thorough enough for me to accomplish the goal. I have told several people about your wonderful software and how powerful it is. Fortunately for them, they are able to bypass the IS debacle and can utilize the benefits of AllMyNotes. One more thing I might add, you mentioned the ability to be able to access AMY data on an Android device using a desktop emulator via the web. Unfortunately, that would require leaving a computer on at all times and the assumption that one has an Internet connection. We are in situations where an Internet connection is either unavailable or very expensive and therefore are unable to connect to a desktop computer. I realize I don't even know the depths of what I am asking requesting, but it would be wonderful if we were able to have access to AMN on our Android devices. I have not mentioned Apple due to the fact that I absolutely detest anything related to it. Personal preference, of course! ;-) Thank you again for all your expertise and assistance in trying to help those of us who are hostages to IS in being able to migrate to AMN!!!! Sincerely, LH

Re: Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

Post by ShareSmart »

I have used Tornado Notes and migrated up to the v.6 of Infoselect, where I have stayed for several years.
I have given Jim many tips and suggestions - some of which over the years he has integrated.

I now have just shy of 10,000 notes and I am getting an error of "corrupt Overview.wd2"
Attempted recovery of notes has generated "many" notes with extra text.
I am hesitant to go to ISW11 as their support is slow to respond and not willing to help saying, "v.6 is unsupported."

That being said, I am looking for an alternative to ISW - and considering AMN if it can provide the connectivity, stability and functionality needed.
Possibly as you were onboard for ISW v.6, you might have the answers for a saving/recovery of data and an application for the future.

Important to maintain:
- The tree structure
- Clips and graphics - although not a great number, those are important to maintain and keep with the related text
- Category Tabs- Used extensively to group notes and it would be a significant loss to not have those notes cross referenced for quick review.
- Global search features would not want to lose the ISW functionality

Look forward to your reply.

Re: Info Select transplant issues/requests/needs

Post by LeeParratt »

I've used ISW since it was Tornado Notes.

I have 10 gb of files and hundreds of WD3 files.

Is there a better way than exporting each file into one general.txt file and somehow combining them?
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