How to launch .ddb files for viewing from CD/DVD

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How to launch .ddb files for viewing from CD/DVD

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Sometimes there is need to have your .ddb file saved on CD/DVD, and launch it from there on any PC with a single mouse click.

Currently AllMyNotes Organizer Portable version can be launched directly from a CD-R, but cannot read .ddb file which is saved to a CD-R, due to read-only attribute, which is assigned to all files on a CD/DVD. We'll need to fix this, since indeed, it's a good idea to have the app saved on a CD for viewing file(s) saved there.

This way appears to be most simple one:
1. Install Portable version on a CD.
2. Create a .bat file which will: (a) copy .ddb file to temp folder on drive C, and, (b) launch AMN from a CD with command line which key which will inform the app where the .ddb file is located. Sample .bat file is attached to this post just unpack it to the same folder where you'll burn AllMyNotes Organizer Portable version, change your file name, and you are good to go :)

Note: There is one minor thing you may notice - AllMyNotes Organizer will show a first launch wizard before showing up the .ddb file content, starting from version 2.65, and 3.03 beta this will be fixed.
Batch .bat file for launching AllMyNotes Organizer directly from CD/DVD for viewing .ddb files burned to disk.
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