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Move selected line

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I ran across this each time I use the "Move selected line" shortcut (which is a very handy feature), after I use it and don't follow up with anything else (such as entering a new line or other text modifications) when I leave that note and come back the line I just moved will have moved back to were it was. Funny, for a while before I discovered that this was a bug I thought I had forgotten to move the line, moved it again each time and thought my short term memory was failing :-)

I then tried moving several lines around instead of just one, as long as there isn't a text modification such a carriage return, everything will revert back if the page is left and subsequently returned to. When you are able, please look at this.

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Re: Move selected line

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I think we could consider this as a mini bug? Not really sure what to specifically call it. Any chance of getting this corrected in the next version? Image
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Re: Move selected line

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Thank you for your patience guys. Indeed, it was a bug. Fixed! :) The fix will be available in version 2.68 and 3.04 beta.

The reason why it was happening is banal - this kind of text modification wan't makring text as modified, and, therefore, changes wasn't saved. Here is a temporary solution how to go around this issue - simply modify something it to the text. For example, insert a char and delete it at once.

P.S. Please sorry for taking it so long to respond/fix this issue - so happened that somehow I've managed to mark it as "read" (resolved). :oops: :roll:
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