Volodymyr and Nadiya - Founders of Vladonai Software, Developers of AllMyNotes Organizer

The Creators (Developers)...

    • Written and directed by: Volodymyr Frytskyy and Nadiya Frytska.



    • Amharic language: Asres Belay
    • Brazilian Portuguese language: Iury Viana Guimaraes da Silva (initial)
    • Brazilian Portuguese language: Gilmar J. Aleixo (updated)
    • Brazilian Portuguese language: Milton Chaves de Almeida (updated)
    • Bulgarian language: Asen Anastassov
    • Catalan language: Xavier Colome
    • Chinese language: Kuo Yung Meng (Traditional Chinese and Simplified Taiwan Chinese)
    • Chinese language: Lkou Lu Lin (Simplified Mainland Chinese)
    • Chinese language: Bob Zhong (Simplified Mainland Chinese)
    • Croatian language: Tihomir Pozun
    • Czech language: Pavel Gloss
    • Czech language: Jozef Klinga (updated)
    • Dutch language: Frits van Zadelhoff
    • French language: Eduardo Rodrigues (initial)
    • French language: Vincent Eberhardt (updated)
    • French language: Djily Diaw (updated)
    • French language: Denis Castellan (updated)
    • Greek language: Panagiotis Loukas
    • German language: Daniel Prather
    • Hebrew language: Aviad Golan
    • Hindi language: Ashish Sharma
    • Hungarian language: Tibor Kornyei
    • Indonesian language: M. Ridwan Hakim
    • Italian language: Alberto Polizzano
    • Korean language: Kim Yongjae
    • Latvian language: Janis Zunda
    • Portuguese language: Jaime de Sousa
    • Polish language: Sebastian Pieczynski
    • Romanian language: Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu
    • Serbian language: Milos Petrovic
    • Slovenian language: Andrej S.
    • Spanish language: Lorenzo Casellas Lopez
    • Spanish language: Xavier Colome (updated)
    • Swedish language: Leif Larsson
    • Turkish language: Ayse Banu Tekbas



    • Brent Kelly

Additional thanks to:

    • GOD - for giving us inspiration, aptitude and courage, and for His support of our project.
    • Thomas G Gail - for his continued support (donations) of this project.
    • LibPng Project - a great library for packing/unpacking .png images.
    • Hunspell spell checker - spell-checking module and dictionaries.
    • Tiger Technologies Hosting - our much-loved hosting company. What can be special about a Hosting company? Aren't they all the same? Uh... No. Not at all! Our previous hostings were pretty troublesome and it was only after moving to Tigertech that we got full peace of mind in this respect. We now have no downtimes and everything works as we always hoped it would, i.e. rock solid!
    • IP 2 Location - for IP-to-Country database for our web-site.
    • You - for your attention and support to this project :)


See also:

    • Interview with Volodymyr Frytskyy at FomousWhy (12 May 2010)

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