AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

Solid Password-Protection


Password-Protected data fileDB file is Ciphered at the disk. Just set a Access Code to protect your notes from unauthorized access! We are using 1800-bit key even when the password is unassigned, to leave no readable traces of your private information on a hard disk or USB stick!

Restrict the access to certain data folders with a secret code.

Click here for more details and facts on our storage file engine.


Instant Lookup features


• Visual Global Search, for finding text across all records with different search options. Filter-on-typing for extra fast, in real-time. Global search advanced powerful Google-like expressions (*).

(*) Ex: a query "+Hi +James -Moon" will find all notes that include words Hi and James (in any combination) and do not contain word Moon.

Search across all your info instantly

Search/Replace text within notes with automatic highlighting of all matches texts - highlighting appears when you type text in a search window, in real-time.


Gorgeous and Ergonomical interface


• Localized in number of Languages (English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese (+Brazilian Portuguese), Japanese, Greek, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Korean, Mainland Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Amharic, and if you don't see your language here, please help us to localize the app to your language, it's rewarded, click here for details...)

• Flexible toolbar editor - to adjust application to your personal needs.

The Outliner - hierarchical data representation by topicComfortable tree-structured organization. With ability to prioritize Notes and build Task-lists.

• Wealth of options to customize the program options and user interface.

• Number of Skin themes available to please your eyes.

Cool application design


Enhanced Text Editor


• Advanced RichText editor with various formatting functions, automatic hyperlinking of URLs, e-mail, phones, file attachments, tables, and images.

An enhanced rich-text editor

• Advanced Tables with ability to quickly sort range of rows by any column.

File Attachments of any kind can be inserted directly in to the text. For graphical files, a preview is shown.

• Supported Internal hyperlinks to Notes and Folders in the hierarchy.

• A Spell-Checker with support of many additional languages.

• Insert Checkboxes right in to the text and trigger them by mouse click :)

Insert Checkboxes


Adjustable outline data Organisation


• Organize Notes in Folders hierarchy, group them by topic for quick access.


• Associate Icons to your data for intuitive navigation

Assign Icons

• Colorize Topics.

Hierarchy formatting

• Add Tasks and manage Priorities to items in the hierarchy.


Alarms and Reminders


• Insert multiple Alarm Objects in to the Document text!

Insert Alarm objects

Alarm and Reminder system allows associating alarms to Notes and Folders to never miss a date!

Insert Alarm objects in the Outliner


Data Safety


Automatic database file backuping. You can schedule backups to happen every number of minutes, or on closing the application. Backup files do not overwrite each other, which allows having history of backups.

Automatic Backups + history

• Deleted items are moved to the Recycled Bin folder to avoid accidental deletion.

Deelte to Recycle bin in Outliner  - easy to restore your valuable documents.


Add-on Strong Passwords Gen


• One more bonus feature - the Password Generator, the best on the market!

Password Generator utility


Data Import and Export


• Importing from following file formats - RTF, CSV, TXT, HTML, Evernote (.enex), and KNT (.knt) files.

• Exporting to RTF, HTML, and TXT file formats.


Usability features


• Many drag-and-drop features: Drag in files and folders, quickly reorder documents in the tree and even move them between folders.

• Convenient keyboard shortcuts for all editing and file-management commands.


Quickly Clip data


• Quickly capture clipboard content and access to commonly used features via system tray menu.

System Tray menu


Phone Dialer


• Just Ctrl+Click on phone number in the text. Supported Skype, NetMeeting, TAPI, and other call providers.

Built-in Phone Dialer


Folder Preview


• The view for convenient preview of Notes and Folder content.

Thumbnail preview for documents/folders

Folder notes view


Friendly Customer-oriented support


• Friendly and customer-oriented support is available to help you.

• We're carefully considering all feature requests and suggestions from our valuable users, as we believe, that only our customers know better in what direction the application should move.


A Portable application version available!


Portable (USB)  versionPortable version is available for case if you need to keep all your data handy on USB media, iPod, or removable HDD. Add to this encrypted data storage format with access password-protection, and you'll get the best tool for keeping your most sensitive private notes with you on the go :)


There are much more to talk about, lot's of reading is boring, rather, please take see Screens, many interesting features are displayed there.

And note: AllMyNotes Organizer is a live app, we are developing it daily! Click here to read the History of Changes by app version list.

AllMyNotes Organizer is available in two editions - Lite and Deluxe, to meet all budget/features needs. Click here to compare app editions...

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