Volodymyr and Nadiya - Founders of Vladonai Software, Developers of AllMyNotes Organizer

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The Authors (Developers)...

Written and directed by: Volodymyr Frytskyy and Nadiya Frytska, a married couple of two software authors/developers.

Skins: (volunteers)

Fresh MD skin/themes set: Roger Collin. Based on Material Design icon set. Available starting from version 4.01.


Amharic language: Asres Belay

Brazilian Portuguese language: Iury Viana Guimaraes da Silva (initial)

Brazilian Portuguese language: Gilmar J. Aleixo (update)

Brazilian Portuguese language: Milton Chaves de Almeida (update)

Bulgarian language: Asen Anastassov

Catalan language: Xavier Colome

Chinese language: Kuo Yung Meng (Traditional Chinese and Simplified Taiwan Chinese)

Chinese language: Lkou Lu Lin (Simplified Mainland Chinese)

Chinese language: Bob Zhong (Simplified Mainland Chinese)

Croatian language: Tihomir Pozun

Czech language: Pavel Gloss

Czech language: Jozef Klinga (update)

Dutch language: Frits van Zadelhoff

Esperanto language: Dmitriy Popov

French language: Eduardo Rodrigues (initial)

French language: Vincent Eberhardt (update)

French language: Djily Diaw (update)

French language: Denis Castellan (update)

Greek language: Panagiotis Loukas

German language: Daniel Prather

Hebrew language: Aviad Golan

Hindi language: Ashish Sharma

Hungarian language: Tibor Kornyei

Indonesian language: M. Ridwan Hakim

Italian language: Alberto Polizzano

Korean language: Kim Yongjae (initial)

Korean language: Choi Sang Hoon (update)

Latvian language: Janis Zunda

Portuguese language: Jaime de Sousa

Polish language: Sebastian Pieczynski

Romanian language: Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu

Serbian language: Milos Petrovic

Slovenian language: Andrej S.

Spanish language: Carlos Rodríguez Carro

Spanish language: Lorenzo Casellas Lopez

Spanish language: Xavier Colome (update)

Swedish language: Leif Larsson

Turkish language: Ayse Banu Tekbas


• Support and Marketing: David Novak

Additional thanks to:

LibPng Project - a great library for packing/unpacking .png images.

Hunspell spell checker - spell-checking module and dictionaries.

Chromium Project - a great source of inspiration and ideas.

IP 2 Location - for IP-to-Country database for our web-site.

Goooogle - the place where we all seek for inspiration, information, tutorials, etc.

You - for your attention and support to this project :)

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