AllMyNotes Organizer - software created by Vladonai Software!

AllMyNotes Organizer - the ultimate solution for keeping track of your critical data! From random thoughts and imaginative concepts to sensitive access codes and site-connected records, this program has got you secured. You can even use it to compose your own books! With our software, you'll never worry about losing critical details again. Simplify your life and improve your efficiency right now!

Weary of juggling multiple programs/services to keep track of your data? Let AllMyNotes Organizer help. This robust software is a Record Keeping and Individual Wiki tool rolled into one. Featuring an unique and trustworthy auto-recovering data repository engine, your data is safe even in the event of file corruption!

AllMyNotes Organizer - portable Document Management Software for Windows. Available in Deluxe and Lite editions :) What is AllMyNotes Organizer? Download AllMyNotes Organizer Buy AllMyNotes Organizer Today! AllMyNotes Organizer Screenshots AllMyNotes Organizer Screenshots

It's totally up to you where AllMyNotes Organizer will be used, it's a free-form information manager for PC, whether you need to keep random notes, manage extended records on your contacts, track tasks, build up your own knowledge base, save diaries, it all and much, much more can be entrusted to this software! All your data will be stored in single, password-protected storage file, on your own PC, away from public clouds and third-party sites.

Do you feel secure when you keep your private information (banking details, security keys, e.g.) to a so-called "cloud" storage, on someone else's computer? The solution is obvious - store your data on your own device. AllMyNotes Organizer will help you to encrypt it on your disk! With our secure local storage, you have complete ownership of your data, without exposing your privacy to potential online storage leaks. Say goodbye to subscription fees, connectivity issues, and capacity restrictions. With AllMyNotes Organizer, there are no boundaries, and your confidential data remain exclusively accessible to you!

We offer free (Lite) and paid (Deluxe) editions of AllMyNotes Organizer. Whichever which edition you choose, you can trust that it will faithfully protect your confidential data, let you instantly access it. Unlike other subscription-based programs, we don't charge recurring fees. Our philosophy is simple - the app should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their budget. Even our free (Lite) edition is feature-packed. Deluxe version has a reasonable cost. We have no hidden motives. Once you purchase the license, it is yours to keep, and we never pressure our customers to renew their license, except for very distant, optional, major upgrades. It's all yours!

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