What's AllMyNotes Organizer?

Information surrounds us - access codes, web links, notes, anniversaries, numbers, sticky notes, draft letters, visuals, and etc... etc... etc.... To manage this vast amount of data, there are many software titles available, such as contact managers, task lists,, alarms, clocks, notes, and a number of others, each with its narrowly targeted uses. While these applications are helpful, they often come with restricted application,, forcing users to fit their information into a pre-determined categories. In contrast, our free-form data organization allows for complete flexibility, letting you capture and manage your information the way you want, without any constraints. It's very natural!

Organize every bit of your random information effortlessly with AllMyNotes Organizer! Save any kind of data, quickly find what you need, and keep it secure from prying eyes with password protection.

We are dedicated to creating a comfortable and intuitive user experience. Our AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to effortlessly combine text, files, images, alarms, tables, and tasks (checkboxes) for all your data management needs. This application is the ultimate Swiss army knife for organizing and storing your data. Our innovative Outliner concept enables you to customize and categorize your information in a nested folder hierarchy tree, just like organizing files on your computer.

Your data is stored in a single failure-resistant, secure, and reliable file that won't fail.

AllMyNotes Organizer - natural, like your thoughts

Perfect for:

Thoughts• Capture random information such as notes, diaries, thoughts, ideas, letters, links, goals, events, famous quotes, etc...

• As a Document management system. Scan paper documents, reduce paperwork, track and categorize them for instant access.

WorkSave Contacts: phones, call summary, addresses, chats, notes on them. We believe, the free-form format is better than traditional form-based - there is no limits at all. For majority of contacts a single line of text is enough, and for others, you can record megabytes of dossier and notes - whole branch of documents, including photos, logos, driving directions, grouped in hierarchy of folders to ease navigation.

NavigationTrip information: addresses, hotels, itinerary, car rental, electronic tickets, historic sites, landmarks, walking tours and restaurants.

BankingFinancial information, bills, bank account information, safely save security questions/answers, track transactions, investments, taxes, access codes. Restrict access to it with a password and enjoy peace of mind.

Track Sales• Make memos on clients, orders, save customer comments, track client's time, sale leads, evaluate resumes, catalogue inventory, dial phone numbers from PC, take notes on telephone messages, record your decisions, do project management, customer relationship management (CRM).

SecureSecure password keeper and Generator, for keeping passwords to your web-accounts and your data safely. Allow yourself to generate unique access codes for any web-site, save answers on complex secret questions, no need to hold everything in your brain!

CouponsShopping: shopping list, prices, coupons, web-pages of online-stores with registration info, discounts and special offers.

• Organize Private Wiki-like knowledge base: save facts, concepts, experience, stats, know-hows, trainings, revelations, theories and ideas.

FoodHealth, food, and dieting, fitness strategy, recipes.

Teachers can keep lectures, schedule, organize exercises, notes on students and decisions.

AcademicStudents can type lectures, quotes, keep a schedule, do exercises and homework.

Project planning - use Tasks and Alarms to make it really efficient!

• Make notes in courtrooms. Helps to do detective work.

Gift IdeasGift ideas.

• Save Bible quotes, write down your findings, revelations, compare scripture translations.

TV programs: organize a catalog of your favorite programs, schedule (use Alarms to never miss them!), reviews, create a dossier on your favorite stars, capture interesting cites.

Important Events• Capture news, track articles in periodicals.

Write books, ebooks, novels, stories, screenplays.

Secure diary tool. Keep all private diary notes safely protected with a password.

Notetaking: this is the easiest notetaking tool you can find, you can comfortably organize your memos any way you want!

• Enter patient information. Store medical histories and techniques.

Catalog your DVDs and music - keep a list of your CDs and DVDs, lyrics.

Sport• Sport: save results, championship dates, a biography of your favorite players.

Genealogy tree, family records.

BabyKids: capture their achievements, funny cases, special dates, and events.

• Domestic pets: feeding, vaccination schedule, articles, and recommendations.

• 1000+ other uses :)

• ...Naturally, AllMyNotes Organizer is good for everything - keep a secure diary, use it as an ideas organizer, keep your diary notes, the keeper for notes tool has a good 1000 uses.

We do state of the art software to keep all your safely. With AllMyNotes Organizer Organizer you can protect your private information, hide it from prying eyes!

Instant Search

Search in all this heap of your private information instantly! All your data is stored in a single file. Need privacy? Password-protect access to your sensible private data!

The concept of the software is strengthened with our state-of the art programming techniques and high-quality standards - thoughtfully designed, fast, secure, failure-resistant, and well-tested.

System Requirements: Windows XP and all newer - 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64-bit. Also works on Linux and Mac (in WineHQ-like environment).

Current app version: 3.52

Program Category: Information Management, Personal Wiki, Information Repository, Information Storage, Password Management, Idea Management

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