Here you can try the most recent version of the application - these features, which are not officially released yet, but worth to try, or some quick fixes, are available in Beta builds. Feel free to try new builds listed here (if available), or just take a look at the list of features we are going to implement soon.


What's new in latest Beta builds?

     Or, download Portable version by clicking here Download AllMyNotes Organizer most recent Portable beta version.


Dec 5, 2016 - Version 3.15 build 816 (beta)



    • This app version is created using brand new set of compiler tools and libraries. We've upgraded the project to Visual Studio C++ 2015 (previously it was VC++ 2005, which is 10 years of difference!), including all set of third-party library updates, such as PNG lib and ZLib, as well as many other system-related dependencies. Was added better support to Windows 10 (though it was already totally supported), but as a side effect we had to abandon Windows 2000 support as it's way too outdated and current version of Visual C++ libs are not compatible with it.

    • Greatly updated Korean language module, contributed by Choi Sang Hoon.

    • Updated codesigning certificate, as old one expired recently.

    • Improved file attachment icons look, and in all skins they look better, with nice alpha-transparency effects.

    • Improved checkboxes look in the text editor and in all app windows in skin Deep and all related themes.

    • All alarm sounds stop playing on dismissing, snoozing, opening alarms.



    • Fixed issue with some app preferences being set to random valued on very, very rare occasions.

    • Fixed issue with maximizing resizable windows on multi-monitor systems, in some rare cases windows could be expanded to slightly bigger area than monitor size is, which is incorrect. It looks like the issue is driver-specific, but after all we've managed it and all works correctly now.

    • Many other tiny application improvements and fixes linked to new SDK update.


Apr 1, 2016 - Version 3.14 build 814 (beta)



    • Printing is now available in Free edition, with watermarks :)

    • Some enhancements in synchronization algorithm.



    • Fixed high DPI issue on Windows 10

    • Fixed issue with attaching certain files to notes in AllMyNotes Organizer

    • Fixed issue with Image resizing - the toolbar's Undo button wasn't updated to indicate that it's possible to undo this operation.

    • Fixed minor issue in built-in calculator, when number was evaluated as exactly same number - in this case no need to evaluate anything.

    • Fixed issue with typing @ character on Hungarian keyboard.

    • Some other various refinements and fixes, including all these that where made in version 2.xx lately


Jul 25, 2015 - Version 3.12 build 797 (beta)



    • Added Catalan language. Translation performed by Xavier Colome.

    • Greatly updated Arabic translation to include all recently added strings and huge amount of old strings where revised and corrected as needed.

    • Revised and updated to include recent strings Spanish language translation. Thanks to Xavier Colome for this work!

    • On exporting multiple notes a separator text line is added between notes (can be configured in .ini file).

    • Implemented sorting text within single table cell.



    • On creating new hyperlink within text the cursor is placed after hyperlink text. Previously it was highlighting whole text, which could lead to accidental hyperlink deletion if to do not unselect hyperlink text and type something at once. Reported here.

    • Fixed issue with tracking/loading changes done by external app to attachments stored in AllMyNotes Organizer. During the UI prompt (which appeared even in background after first file change detection), the file was exclusively locked, and all further changes by external app where blacked which was preventing third-party app from saving changes. Reported here.

    • Fixed issue with Polish keyboard which was preventing from typing Ł and ł letters.

    • Fixed issue with automatic URL recognition - the / character in the end of an URL was committed, for some cases/servers it wasn't working and lead to 404 error.

    • Fixed issue with update available banner, which was shown too frequently.

    • Some other various refinements and fixes, including all these that where made in version 2.xx lately


Nov 17, 2014 - Version 3.11 build 789 (beta)



    • Added new language – Hindi, performed by Ashish Sharma.

    • Added Swedish spell-checking dictionary, available for download from our Dictionary Library.

    • Added keyboard shortcuts to Uppercase, Lowercase, and Mixed-case selected text. Ctrl+Alt+U or Ctrl+Shift+U for Uppercase, Ctrl+Alt+L for Lowercase, Ctrl+Alt+T for Mixedcase.

    • Added keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease font size - Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+], to increase/decrease font size (especially needed for German users, as German keyboard < and > characters are on the same key, so old keyboard shortcut wasn't working for them.

    • Underlined character is now considered as part of the word, as requested by our users

    • Extended Free edition functionality - now hyperlinks, pasted from the web-browser or other apps are clickable! Though automatic URL/phone/e-mail recognition in plain text is still available in Deluxe edition only.

    • Added text Strikethrough effect toolbar button to the text editor. This feature (strikethrough text effect) was available for long time already, but was accessible using keyboard shortcut, and, as appears, many users were unaware of it, way too many, so we've decided to make it more accessible.



    • Fixed issue with saving attachments to disk - certain characters where lost in the file name.

    • Fixed issue with Strikethrough effect was lost on import from HTML (from .html files) and Evernote (.enex files).

    • Fixed couple of issues with importing HTML and pasting text from the browser, particularly improved CSS stylesheet parser and also there was an issue with and

  • tags combination that could lead to incorrect final text formatting.

    • Fixed bug with pasting Japanese text from some browsers.

        • Fixed crash on app startup which was happening on certain systems where some recent system updates where not installed.

        • Some other various refinements and fixes, including all these that where made in version 2.xx lately


    Apr 25, 2014 - Version 3.10 build 781 (beta)



        • Some enhancements in synchronization algorithm.

        • Implemented automatic attachments modification tracking. When you are viewing/editing file attachmnets using the third-party app, and the file attachment got modified, you'll be notified about it and will be able to save modifications back in to AllMyNotes with a single mouse click.

        • Extended automatic recognition of phone numbers, to recognize numbers in XXXX-XXXX format, which, as appears, is a valid local phone number format for certain locales.

        • Added Edit -> Sort menu item to the main menu bar. Previously was accessible via pop-up menu only.

        • Added tree item(s) deletion confirmation on Cut command, to avoid unintentional data loss.

        • Improved design of all Menu icons in the Holy Crown skin.

        • Added following keyboard shortcuts to select font (Ctrl+Shift+F), select font size (Ctrl+Shift+P), toggle bulleted list mode for selected text lines (Ctrl+Shift+L and Ctrl+Shift+8), and toggle numbered list mode for selected text lines Ctrl+Shift+7 - Requested on the forum

        • Default export file format changed from .rtf to .html, as the HTML file format is becoming more advanced and widely used.

        • Improved export of file attachments to HTML file format. Now it's possible to export file attachments in HTML format. Attached files are exported as local files, and the hyperlink to these files is created on export.



        • Fixed issue with auto-closing password-protected folder on folders when the app was configured to close to the system tray it wasn't working as expected - Reported on the forum.

        • Fixed issue with compact menu (ex: font names list menu) painting, particularly checkbox position was wrong and painted over the menu border.

        • Fixed issue with menu items selection using the mouse, in some systems randomly mouse clicks on menu items where ignored. The issue was happening only once out of many clicks, therefore was not easy to reproduce it, but still it was annoying for some users.

        • Fixed issue with validating values stored in the configuration file, cause in some cases of manual .ini file editing it was possible to make app crash, now it will not happen, the app will automatically recognize such errors, correct, and proceed as normal, transparently to the end user. It was also a case of video hardware changes - if on app launch old window position was outside of new visible area (ex: dual monitor position changes, screen resolution decrease, etc.)

        • Fixed issue with maximizing main window on multi-monitor computers, when the first and the second monitors where switched in Windows Monitor settings - when maximizing on the left-side monitor, main window width was even wider than left monitor width.

        • Fixed issue with pasting non-ascii (ex: Cyrillic) characters from some poorly formatted RTF documents.

        • Fixed issue with RTF import/export accented characters - reported on the forum

        • Fixed crash on exiting from the app, related to alarms and was happening very rarely.

        • Some other minor refinements and fixes.


    Dec 24, 2013 - Version 3.09 build 771 (beta)



        • Many enhancements and fixes in synchronization algorithm. Particularly, fixed major issue with handling moves of hierarchy tree items that could lead to incorrect item positioning on all further synchronizations.

        • Updated Romanian translation, thanks to Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu for his effort!

        • Updated Russian and Ukrainian translations to include all newly added strings.

        • New feature: added password Hint field for password-protected files and folders, to ease password entering. Despite big demand on this feature we have to warn you that password hint must be hard to guess for other people who potentially can access your computer. Therefore, make sure to make it as obfuscated as possible.

        • New feature: Auto-close of all expanded password-protected folders on minimizing/closing the app to the system tray. Previously it was happening only on exiting from the app, but, we can see, many users are leaving their computers turned on for many days, do not turn them off, and prefer to minimize the app rather than to exit from it.

        • Improved interface for opening password-protected folders, also for changing/disabling passwords directly from the main view.

        • Added new keyboard shortcut to the Global Search window to Go To selected item in the search result list - F3 and Ctrl+F. Which allows mouse-free operation.

        • Improved interface tooltips appearance (in all skins), also enhanced some icons in the Holy Crown skin.

        • Improved text sorting performance. Though it was fast already, but still... :)



        • Fixed issue with pasting images from Chrome resources inspector panel, these pictures are base64-encoded and are embedded in to the html source text. Chrome resource inspector is not the only place where such images may appear, therefore it will work also on importing and on Drag&Drop of HTML text from other apps.

        • Fixed issue with selecting Saturday as the only repeating weekly reminder date - Reported on the forum

        • Fixed issue with refreshing some skin-dependent icons on changing skins/themes.

        • Fixed major performance issue which had place for Deluxe trial users - in trial mode unneeded license verifications where unintentionally called without need, which could cause screen re-paint slowness.

        • Fixed issue with importing data from .txt and .html formats, in some rare cases a dead loop could happen which was preventing from data importing.

        • Fixed issue with First Start Wizard, on some systems it wasn't invoked automatically on first start.

        • Few other minor fixes and improvements.


    Sep 24, 2013 - Version 3.09 build 771 (beta)



        • Some minor improvements and fixes in the workgroup/multi-PC seamless data Synchronization algorithm, by the way, you are welcome to give it a serious spin, read guidelines how to configure synchronization here.

        • Udated Spanish translation (by Diego Lameiro).

        • Implemented automatic attachments modification tracking by external app. When the user is viewing/editing file attachments using an external app, and the attachment file got modified, you'll be notified about it and will be asked for confirmation to save updated file back to AllMyNotes, all with a single mouse click :)

        • Improved HTML parser, now it is able to detect encoded URLs in the <a> and <img> hyperlinks, which makes these hyperlinks more readable/editable in AllMyNotes.

        • Increased cut/deletion speed in tree view.

        • Added better support for PhonerLite dialer app - now, when passing the phone number to the dialer we are stripping off all characters that this app doesn't like, though, other apps (like Skype) may accept it.



        • File attachment name is displayed within text when exporting/copying to plain text format (.txt).

        • UI issue with multi-selection remaining active on previously unselected items after deleting items in the Folder view.

        • Fixed issue with maximizing app on multi-monitor systems, using auto-snap feature - if the initial app window placement was on a different monitor, it was maximized to the wrong monitor.

        • Fixed issue with importing accented (non-ASCII) characters from Evernote .enex format.

        • Fixed issue with importing accented characters from non-ANSI encoded .html files according to ?xml and meta tags. Added support to decode such encodings as KOI-8x, UTF-8, UTF-7, ISO-8859-x, Windows-125x, Windows 874, Euc-JP, Shift-Jis, ISO-2002-JP, csISO2022JP, hz-gb-2312, Big5, ks_c_5601-1987, tis-620, and some others, to cover all major encodings used by e-mail clients and web-browsers.

        • Fixed issue with entering text at once after the hyperlinks, such texts where hyperlinked too, which is not quite correct. Described here.

        • Fixed issue with exporting data in to .html format - when exported file path had accented characters, and exported note had images, these images where not displayed correctly when viewed using the web-browser.

        • Corrected issue with exporting some non-English characters via the clipboard HTML format, and, on exporting using HTML file format. Described on the forum.

        • Corrected UI usability with entering/modifying passwords associated to files and folders - Requested on the forum.

        • Fixed issue with importing numbered and bulleted lists from OpenOffice Write app. Such numbered list where imported as bulleted lists.

        • Some other minor refinements and fixes.


    Jul 15, 2013 - Version 3.07 build 763 (beta)



        • Many improvements and fixes in workgroup data Synchronization algorithm, since this version you are welcome to give it a serious spin :), you can read guidelines how to configure synchronization here.

        • Updated French localization (by Denis Castellan).

        • Updated Romanian localization (by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu).

        • Added Added printing option to disable page footer printing. Requested on the forum.



        • Fixed issue with pasting clipboard content from QuiteRSS app. Reported on the forum.

        • Some other minor refinements and fixes.


    Jun 5, 2013 - Version 3.06 build 757 (beta)



        • New feature: Format Painter! Available in Deluxe edition. Added toolbar button, and keyboard shortcuts - Alt+C and Alt+V, which is bit different combination comparing to MS-Word, but otherwise there would be conflicts with other, already implemented, keyboard shortcuts. Reported on the forum.

        • Updated Hebrew localization to include some strings that where previously missing (by Aviad Golan).

        • Added option to disable Animated Cursor position Highlighting. Use Tools -> Options -> Interface -> "Enable Animated Cursor Position Highlighting" checkbox for that. Cursor animation is now more visible on passing focus from other apps. So now there is two sorts of animations - one for passing focus, and another one for cases if cursor position is far from old position.

        • Updated the Installer to request admin password to escalate installer rights, which supposed to make installation easier on PCs with complex file permission restrictions.

        • Added UTF-8 support on importing data from external text files, concerns importing from .txt and .html formats.



        • Importing files count limit increased. Previously summary files/paths length was limited to 2096 chars, and now this number is increased to big enough value to never worry about it again.

        • Fixed issue in importing non-English chars when importing from locale-dependant single-byte ASCII plain text files. Reported on the forum.

        • Fixed screen refresh issue which was happening after deleting last row in the last table in a note text. Reported on the forum.

        • Some other minor improvements and fixes, including data sharing/synchronization algorithm.


    Apr 23, 2013 - Version 3.05 build 750

    . This is the fifth public beta release of version 3 which includes numerous enhancements, including many synchronization fixes/improvements - discuss on the Forum.


        • Added new language - Romanian (by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)

        • Udated and greatly revised Hebrew language translation (by Aviad Golan)

        • Updated Polish language translation (by Sebastian Pieczynski)

        • Updated Chinese translation (by Rujun Jiang)

        • Updated and greatly revised Danish language and spell-checking dictionary (by Christian Krogh)

        • Updated Russian translation

        • Updated Ukrainian translation

        • Updated Hungarian translation (by Tibor Kornyei)

        • Updated French translation (by Denis Castellan)

        • Greatly improved notes Synchronization feature, fixed many issues, added many handlers for data modification tracking that where not present in previous app build.

        • New feature: Animated Caret Position Highlighting, it greatly eases locating text input position for the user. Works on passing focus to the text editor, and, in some other cases, for example, when the new cursor position is too far from the previous one. Note: this feature works only when the system is able to provide enough free CPU resources to enable flicker-free animation. Reported on the forum.

        • Added option to make Table borders transparent (no color), reported on the forum

        • Enhanced data security by automatic deletion of temporary file attachments saved for viewing with third-party apps. Also, exactly same thing is done on copy-pasting and Drag&Drop of data from AllMyNotes to third-party programs - in HTML format images had to be saved in temporary disk location, and, now, on exiting from the program, or, on switching data files, temporary attachment and image files are being deleted automatically. Reported at the forum.

        • Enhanced web-clipping (by copy-pasting and drag and drop from the browser app), extended support of secure HTTPS protocol, now images and web-objects are properly carried to the app. Also, much optimized by performance image pasting from the web, particularly, by caching already loaded images, and by loading images simultaneously.

        • Added option to add original page URL (if provided in the clipboard by the browser) for pasted and dropped text, works for majority of browsers - IE, Firefox, Chrome, all, except Opera, which, currently, doesn't support any sort rich-text exporting. Note: this option slows down web-clipping, as the program needs to connect to the source server in attempt to retrieve source page title, therefore this option is disabled by default. See Options -> Tools -> Internet screen to turn it on. Requested on the forum.

        • Updated manual to include additional/alternative instructions for data import from Info Select app. Reported on the Forum.

        • Updated export from Evernote, item creation date is being parsed/extracted in AllMyNotes.

        • Added Portable version download link for AllMyNotes Organizer version 3 beta (see above)



        • Fixed few issues with web-clipping and importing text from HTML file format, for example, importing checkboxes wasn't working in the last app build. A squire braces where placed after each checkbox by error.

        • Fixed Find & Replace toolbar buttons behavior - these buttons should be enabled only when folder is selected, while it should be available for notes only.

        • Fixed issue with crash and/or slowness on pasting huge plain text pieces from other software titles via clipboard.

        • Fixed issue with auto-numbering - text lines that where started from dates or phone lines where mistakenly recognized as numbered lines. Reported on the forum.

        • Many-many other minor improvements and fixes.


    Dec 5, 2012 - Version 3.04 build 725

    . This is the fourth public beta release of version 3 - discuss on the Forum

        • Tested for compatibility with Windows 8, some minor issues where found and fixed, though basically the app works very well on this new OS, even older versions! :)

        • Huge improvement in Right-To-Left (RTF) languages support. Now our Hebrew and Arabic customers can enjoy horizontally reversed window layout, including menus and hierarchy tree. There is still remaining small space for improvement, particularity in the Rich Text editor, which, hopefully, will be completed in the app version update.

        • Hebrew and Arabic language are automatically selected for Hebrew/Arabic Windows version on first launch.

        • New feature: now we support numbered lists. Our implementation is bit different from MS-Word, cause it mostly automatically formats new text lines, which allows changing of numeration in user-defined order. Currently we support numeration in number-dot format, in the future we'll extend it to roman/alphabetical numeration as well.

        • Improved Sorting of Rich Text Objects (ex: checkboxes, alarms, images, attachments), which might be useful for sor sorting table by completion (by checkbox status), or by alarm (alarm date is taken in to account allowing to sort table rows by associated alarm time, e.g.

        • Added Save changes prompt option, see Tools -> Options -> Backups -> "Prompt before saving changes".

        • Fixed issue with leading Checkbox removal on entering new line before the Checkbox.

        • Improved note caption displaying in the outline hierarchy tree for notes that have empty first line. Now AllMyNotes will search for the first line with next, not just first visible text line, which could be empty. This feature was reported on the forum.

        • Greatly updated Korean language, now it includes all recently introduced strings. Many thanks to Jeong-Ho Kang for this translation.

        • Fixed issue with pasting text to the Chrome browser. Particularly, it wasn't working in some cases for Google Mail. This issue was reported on the forum.

        • Fixed issue with moving text lines. In some cases such text modification wasn't saved in to the data file. reported at the forum.

        • Skin theme "Holy Crown - Coffee" renamed (was "Cofee", by error). Not a big deal, though, if it's your favorite skin, after the upgrade you'll need to re-select the skin - due to the name change.

        • Many other minor refinements and fixes.


    Aug 29, 2012 - Version 3.03 build 714

    . This is the fourth public beta release of version 3 - discuss on the Forum.

        • New language added - Romanian! The translation was generously performed by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu.

        • Greatly updated Danish localization. Many thanks to Bent Munch for his efforts!

        • Improved Hebrew translation, now majority string are translated.

        • Improved Global Search and Search/Replace windows - from now on these windows will remember recent search history, even between app sessions, and also enabled auto-completion to ease search for recently searched text.

        • Improved Drag&Drop in feature in hierarchy Tree view. Now you can drag&drop data in HTML, RTF, and DIB (images) format from other applications. For example, it may ease data import from such applications as Info Select, or, OneNote, or... serve for better Web-Clipping. No more need to create Note to drop dragged text in AllMyNotes Organizer, now you can simply Drag&Drop text pieces/images directly to hierarchy outline tree, and new note will be created under the cursor position.

        • New App icon.

        • Greatly improved skin "Deep" - now it's fashioned under grayscale style, all icons are now consistently gray, new toolbar appearance, reworked look of buttons and even window title is different. Who knows, possibly now you'll like it even better then default skin "Holy Crown"?.. Enjoy!

        • Improved Deluxe Trial expired interface. Now if to select Free edition, it switches the edition immediately and asking for no other questions. Previously it was returning to trial expiration dialog box, which is incorrect and confusing for the user.

        • No First Start Wizard on launching .ddb file from command line, which is convenient for case if the app is This feature is good if need to launch the app launched directly from CD/DVD

        • Added new menu icons to Edit -> Insert sub-menu (available in all skins/themes).

        • Added keyboard shortcut to stamp Checkbox + Date + Time, as was requested on the forum.

        • Fixed issue with searching for upper-case texts - for some non-English locales such texts where ignored in Global Search.

        • Fixed horizontal scrollbar painting issue in the Holy Crown skin.

        • Fixed minor issue in the Password generator. For some very complex passwords the generator was saying "weak".

        • Fixed issue with exporting some hyperlinks in html format. When whole line was a hyperlink, it was exported as a plain text.

        • Fixed issue with installing different versions of the app to different folders. As result, was used skin from one of them, which could lead to the case when newer app version had an older app skin, which was odd to see.

        • Fixed issue with "Print whole tree" option, it wasn't working in latest app version.

        • Fixed issue with handling .DDB file extension. Previously only upper-case extensions could be handled properly while upper-case where ignored when file name was provided as a command line argument.

        • Fixed two annoyances with incorrect auto-scrolling - on expanding/collapsing folder, and on deleting item while the Recycle Bin folder was expanded.

        • Fixed IME text input issue for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, which was specific to some edit fields (not main text editor window) - IME input window had incorrect size, which was making very difficult entering some characters.

        • Fixed OUTDATED BETA notification message. We would like to apologize for this message. Apparently it's not wise from our end to limit app functionality by time, even though it was enough to download fresh app update, we've corrected it by (1) extending beta version 3.03 period from 90 to 250 days, now it's only as a recommendation message which will not prevent the app from launch, this message will provide more information how to download the update.

        • Many other minor updates and fixes.


    Jun 20, 2012 - Version 3.02 build 710

    . This is the third public beta release of version 3 - discuss on the Forum.
        • New feature: Multi-Selection on hierarchy tree. Now you can perform operations on multiple items at once. Previously such feature was available in Folder view only.
        • Imporved Holy Crown skin appearance (the default skin) - new toolbar button effects, applied rounded corner effect to edit controls, lists, scroll bars, improved selection bar appearance + many other minor refinements.
        • Greatly updated Danish localization. Many thanks to Bent Munch for his efforts!
        • Updated Polish language translation to include recently added strings. Many thanks to Sebastian Pieczynski!
        • Updated Chinese language translation to include recently added strings. Translation is performed by Rujun Jiang, thank you Rujun Jiang!
        • Updated Dutch language translation to include newly added strings.
        • Updated Spanish language translation to include recently added texts.
        • Added option "Print captions" to Printing window, available on printing multiple notes/folders.
        • Printing window now remembers last printer settings even between app restarts.
        • Fixed issue with error message "Cannot load default language module" on app startup, hopefully it will not happen anymore. The issue is easy to fix from user end, but still we want app to handle this thing automatically.
        • Fixed issue with printing big amount of notes and scale ratio was set to more than 150%. In some rare cases the app could go in to a dead loop.
        • Improved Tab key handling when typing/renaming Note caption, now it immediately passes focus to the text editor area. Reported on the forum.
        • Implemented Click.To support to enable even better clipping, added command line key - /PasteClipboard . Reported on the forum - read this forum topic for details
        • Improved smooth scrolling of hierarchy tree view, in some cases it could freeze for a short moment on sliding the scroll bar, which could lead to bad visual experience.
        • Fixed issue with exporting data from AllMyNotes - captions where missing (the issue appeared in recent app version only).
        • Fixed issue with issue with importing from big KNT files - in some cases random notes could be missing.


    May 10, 2012 - Version 3.01 build 705

    . This is the second public beta release of version 3 - discuss on the Forum
        • Improved Smooth Scrolling feature, also it takes in to account CPU usage, and auto-disable itself when the CPU usage is high.
        • Improved QuickStart Wizard to allow skin selection on the first page - as appears, most of users have no idea that AllMyNotes has skins/themes, hopefully thanks to this option users will use skins more actively.
        • Implemented so named "AutoCorrect" feature. Similar to MS-Word, for example, to insert © just type (c) text, and it will be automatically converted to ©. Here is the full list of supported AutoCorrect shortcuts:
    MS-Word-like AutoCorrect symbols in All-My-Notes Organizer

        • Updated Polish language module to include recently added strings. Many thanks to Sebastian Pieczynski for this contribution!
        • Updated Dutch language module to include recently added strings.
        • Updated Spanish language module to include recently added strings.
        • Added printing option "Print captions" option when printing multiple items.
        • Improved Printing feature, now it remembers printer settings even between app restarts.
        • Fixed minor issue in the Calculator - reported on forum

        Apr 11, 2012 - Version 3.00 build 701. This is the very first public beta release of version 3, bit early, but definitely worth to take a look at :)


    between folders in various .ddb files. Synchronization is pretty powerful - enabling big workgroups to work on same data simultaneously, sync their changes seamlessly and quickly. Note: sync algorithm is pretty fresh, many enhancements will be added to it soon, yet use it on your own risk and make sure to backup your data before using it. Sync over web will be available later.
        • Added 8 new color Themes for skin "Holy Crown" - Pink, Sea, Rose, Green Grass, Green Sea, Purple Light, Purple, Blue Purple.
        • Added many new menu icons - almost all menu items have menu icons assigned now.
        • A Calculator. Built-in directly in to the text editor! Just type 1+1=, and AllMyNotes will do the calculation. Similar to OneNote, except that in AllMyNotes no need to hit Enter to get the calculation done. Supported following math functions and constants: pi, phi, e, abs, sqrt, sinh, cosh, tanh, arctan, ln, log, exp, sin, cos, tan, cot, arcsin, arccos, int, rad, deg, sign, arsinh, arcosh, artanh, kgv, ggt. As you can notice - more then in OneNote :)
        • Smooth Scrolling of text editor, lists, and hierarchy tree. BTW, still needs some tuning for case of heavy CPU loading, but for normal use is totally OK.
        • Some other minor improvements.

        As it's a very early beta, please do not send us bug reports, we know, many things can be improved, this is a public preview only, please allow us some time for improvements. At a same time, you are always welcome to send us your comments, ideas, and feedback.

        Note: When the app is in Beta-testing state, new features are being added daily, please expect new versions to be released every 1-2 weeks. So don't forget to visit us from time to time.

        POLL: Help us define in which direction to develop the app, vote now!!!


    See also:

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        • What's new page - list of all changes in latest released builds (doesn't includes changes done in this Beta program).