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Here you can try the most recent version of the application - these features, which are not officially released yet, but worth to try, or some quick fixes, are available in Beta builds. Feel free to try new builds listed here (if available), or just take a look at the list of planned features we are going to implement as time will allow.

 Or, download the Portable version by clicking here Download AllMyNotes Organizer most recent Portable beta version.

What's new in latest Beta builds?

May 24, 2024 - Version 5.00 build 2400 (beta):

Yes, you read that right! We've made a major leap from version 4.xx to version 5.xx! While the upcoming final release of version 4.xx will include all the new features except synchronization, you can expect version 5.xx to introduce a web version (synchronizable with desktop version), a smarter synchronization, and a secure cloud backup system. Synchronization is a key feature we are dedicated to perfecting, so it will remain part of the version 5.xx beta program as we continue to refine and enhance its capabilities.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey!


• Significant improvements for High DPI screens (Full HD, 4K, 8K, etc.). Fonts are now rendered much better, eliminating odd blurring issues. There will be no blurring when scaling skins. Since current skins/themes are designed for low resolutions and lack high resolution icons/UI elements, graphical elements will be scaled with a "pixelated" effect (2x, 3x, or 4x ratio), think Minecraft! :) This temporary measure will look better than before, and we plan to update skins to high resolution in the future.

• Optimized app start time by reducing parsing of language modules and other config files to header only, resulting in fewer disk scratches and I/O operations, which is significant when the whole system starts up.

Introduced wildcards concept in Global search and in Find/Replace feature within a note. Now, the '?' character is considered a wildcard for any character. In Global search, this feature works only when the Boolean search option is enabled. For example, the search term "c???e" will find "coffee", "chase", "clone", "close", etc.

• Added support for the following keyboard keys for menu navigation: Page Up, Page Down, Home, End.

• Normalized the sound volume of the default sound theme, making it much calmer and more natural for daily usage.

• The new version is compiled with the most recent Windows Platform SDK, providing perfect compatibility with the latest features of Windows 10/11.

• Windows XP support has been discontinued.

• This 5.xx beta version will accept all older Deluxe licenses to enable Deluxe features, even if these licenses are from very old versions (since version 1.xx). So, those who have been using older versions of AllMyNotes are encouraged to switch to this 5.xx beta program.


• Fixed an issue with scrolling menus with a mouse wheel (it had stopped working in recent versions).

• Fixed an issue with the incorrect position of controls in some windows, particularly in the search/replace window (for some languages, controls were too long and overlapping, but now it should look totally correct).

• Fixed an issue in importing huge .enex files (from Evernote) by better managing memory during the import process, making it much faster. However, it still needs to load the whole .enex data file into memory, which requires at least 2-3 times the data file size in free RAM for successful processing. Also, for files bigger than 1.8GB, a 64-bit edition of AllMyNotes is required (it cannot be performed on older 32-bit versions of Windows).

• Fixed the Russian "sleng" translation issue (it was actually available long before this update, but due to an issue in the localization file, it wasn't working correctly).

• Fixed a few minor Windows 11 compatibility issues for better compliance with new OS conventions.

Note: When the app is in active Beta-testing state, new features are being added frequently. Remember to visit us from time to time.

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