Here you can try the most recent version of the application - these features, which are not officially released yet, but worth to try, or some quick fixes, are available in Beta builds. Feel free to try new builds listed here (if available), or just take a look at the list of features we are going to implement soon.


What's new in the latest Beta builds?

     Or, download the Portable version by clicking here Download AllMyNotes Organizer most recent Portable beta version.

Jun 21, 2018 - Version 3.25 build 888 (beta)


     Beta update to continue testing of major two new feature which are now under active development: synchronization and new 64-bit edition, both features are not included in the stable version which is also available in parallel with beta version.



     Synchronization: big amount of improvements and fixes in the data synchronization algorithm. The sync algorithm itself got much smarter, can handle much more complex scenarios.

     Improved .txt file text encoding detection on importing and drag&drop of plain text files. Previously AllMyNotes was able to import .txt files encoded using ASCII encoding specified in Windows locale settings only. Now we got much smarter - we can detect file locale encoding automatically. We support all possible encodings - Unicode, UTF-x, Microsoft, CP, ISO, KOI8, etc... over 70+ encodings are supported which should cover all possible encodings, including old/obsolete ones.

     Improved import/export to .txt files. Particularly, we've added automatic conversion of checkox sequences to checkbox objects, which should ease work with them. Supported numerous Unicode checkox glyphs (ex: βœ“βœ”β˜‘πŸ—Ήβœ…πŸ—Έβ˜’β˜“βœ•βœ–βœ—βœ˜), as well as plain text sequences (ex: [X] and [ ]).



     Fixed major security issue which, potentially could allow an unauthorised access to password-protected folders. Note: file-level encryption was not affected. Counting significance of this fix the upgrade is highly recommended.

May 7, 2018 - Version 3.24 build 886 (beta)


     Beta update to continue new 64-bit edition testing, it also includes the synchronization feature, which is yet not included in official released builds.

     Please note: this beta version doesn't accepts Deluxe code from old versions (1.xx and 2.xx), as it includes all new features included in officially released version 3.xx.



Improved Skin "Deep": increased size of buttons, list headers, updated look of Tooltips, and some other minor refinement.

• Text editor enhancement: characters '-' and '_' are treated as part of a word. This way it's easier to select whole word with double-click, or jump over it using Ctrl+arrow. As these letters are part of complex passwords it makes sense to treat them as part of a word rather than a separator character.



• Fixed issue with app crash on dismissing and snoozing alarms. This issue was specific to majority of OS configurations.

• Fixed issue with specifying custom font size/name in the skin config file. Previously both (font name and font size) had to specified. If only of these was specified, the default font/size was applied to both.

Mar 19, 2018 - Version 3.23 build 877 (beta)


     Beta update to continue new 64-bit edition testing, it also includes the synchronization feature, which is yet not included in officially released builds.



    • Fixed issue in the in-text math calculator, particularly sin(PI) was resulting to 1.224646799147353e-16 (a very small number), while it should be simply 0.

    • Fixed issue with saving dismissed and snoozed alarms. After app restart dismissed and snoozed alarms popped up again.

    • Fixed issue with importing binary files to AllMyNotes Organizer using drag&drop to hierarchy tree. These files must be attached as file attachments. But in some cases it was not taking unacceptably long time so that the program got unresponsive. Also less ram is allocated on importing huge files.

    • Fixed Start menu Help shortcut to point to the online manual rather than to outdated local help file.

    • Fixed issue with pasting text and tables from Google Sheets.

Dec 13, 2017 - Version 3.22 build 875 (beta)


     This this is a quick beta update, main target is to continue test of new 64-bit edition functionality/installer, and it also includes the synchronization feature, which is yet not included in official released builds.



    • Slightly improved skin theme "Deep - Sharp" to be more contrast as recent changes to skin Deep where not always easy to look at on majority of monitors.

    • The Manual has been moved online here. Having it online allows easy translation using automated content translation as in modern browsers it's a built-in feature.

    • Added more characters to be recognized as a bulleted list: '+', 'Β»', 'Β«', '>', '<', '_', '^', '#', '$', '&', '@', '=', '|', '~', '?', '!', '%', ';', and ':'.



    • Fixed few minor issues related to transition from 32-bit to 64-bit version.

    • Applied additional fixed to displaying 8-bit PNG images, it was fixed in previous version but still was happening under certain circumstances.

Nov 6, 2017 - Version 3.21 build 866 (beta)


     This this is a quick beta update, main target is to test new 64-bit edition functionality/installer.



    • Introduced brand new 64-bit version of AllMyNotes Organizer :) 64-bit version will remove limitation of 32-bit systems, it can allocate much more RAM for app functionality (though we do not recommend to use AllMyNotes for storing extra mega huge notes) and it works bit faster. The installer is the same for 32- and 64-bit systems, so from user end it should be very simple - just download and install it, the installer will check your system and deploy 64-bit version if it can. Portable version .zip package simply includes both 32- and 64-bit versions.

    • FREE Edition is now named as Lite Edition. Basically it's just a name change, Lite edition will be as free as Free edition, we'll always maintain unpaid version for these who cannot afford bells and whistlers.

    • Menu item Reminders and Skins moved from Tools to View section of main menu bar.



    • Restored high DPI (resolution) monitors support. It was not working well in few last versions, and was disabled as result or SDK update, now it's back to normal state, just as it was before.

    • Fixed minor issue with maintaining selection after deletion of non-empty expanded folder.

    • Fixed issue with displaying 8-bit PNG images, in some cases the palette was not correct. The issue is specific to recent version 3.20 only.

    Note: When the app is in active Beta-testing state, new features are being added frequently, please expect new versions to be released every 2-3 weeks. So don't forget to visit us from time to time.


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