A Diary is a set of notes with discrete records arranged by date/time, and, optionally, grouped by topics, reporting on what's happened over the day or any other period. Thanks to the free-form data organization AllMyNotes perfectly suits this need. You can create many separate folders for various aspects of your life. For example: Thoughts, My Day, Dreams, Feelings, Quotes, Health Journal, Goals, etc. And then add in to each of these categories new notes. Each note can hold single or multiple related records in a free form.

    Useful features that make electronic diary better over a handwriting solution:
    1. Restrict access to your file, or, certain folders with a password. As the diary is a higly private thing, it's a good idea to hold it away from everyone, this way you can truly reveal yourself to it.
    2. Stamp current Date and Time to identify records. Use appropriate toolbar buttons, or keyboard shortcuts for that.
    3. You can insert Alarms anywhere in to a text position using Edit -> Insert -> Alarm, so it will be always linked to your data. Alarm window pops and alarm rings when the time is up. Use repeating alarms to be reminded about birthdays, anniversaries, or even daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, meetings, calls, and other events.
    4. Place Checkboxes to compile task-lists and track their completion. Use menu item Edit -> Insert -> Checkbox.
    5. Place Hyperlinks to other, related to a diary records in the outline tree, or just e-mails, urls or phone numbers. Use menu item Edit -> Insert -> Hyperlink menu item.
    6. Insert Smileys, Icons, or Pictures to express your emotions. Use Edit -> Insert -> Icon, and Edit -> Insert -> Picture menu item.
    7. Search across all your diaries quickly using the Global Search feature.