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License delivery time

The license is in your inbox once the checkout is complete.

All sales from our web-site are handled automatically, the license will be in your e-mail inbox within 1-2 minutes after completing the checkout process.

What if I've placed my order 5 minutes ago, and still don't have a license.

There might be several reasons of that:

1. The license was mistakenly caught by e-mail spam filter. The first thing to do it to check your Spam (Junk) folder, likely your license key is there.

2. You've typed your e-mail address with mistake upon checkout. In this case just contacting us, provide your purchase details (like your name, correct e-mail, purchase time), and we'll correct the error quickly.

3. In some very, very rare cases the order handling can be delayed by e-commerce provider when the transaction looks suspicious. Normally you should receive notification about it. We recommend to contact us to accelerate order handling.

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