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We aim to release upgrades frequently, as we are doing our best to listen and react on numerous user requests as soon as we can. To keep you up to the date and benefit from all our recent development we recommend to upgrade once it's available. Like this you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of actively developed software.

How to install an update?

If you are using the Desktop version, download the installer and launch it, it will handle everything for you - it will install new app version in to the same folder where the app was installed previously, and will preserve all your data and settings. Note: the installer says "Install" (not "Update"), don't worry about it, it handles update wisely.

If you are using the Portable version, just download new package, unpack it to the same location where old version of AllMyNotes is installed. If asked whether to overwrite old files, answer "Yes". Make sure to exit from AllMyNotes when unpacking the update. Unpacking over the old version is safe, it will not touch your data and preferences.

P.S. It's always a good idea to backup your data before installing an update. And it's generally a very positive idea to do backups frequently.

Will upgrade cost something for me?

If you are a purchased customer, likely the upgrade is free for you, check our upgrade policy for details.

If you are using Lite edition, the upgrade is free for you.

If you are using a special promotional version, please contact us to inquire about upgrade details.

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